Monday, March 13, 2017

Napa Valley Quilters Guild

Hello Everyone,
Gail and I had the privilege of spending two days with the Napa Valley Quilters Guild in Napa, California.  It was a beautiful, Spring-like weekend in a gorgeous area of our state.
We gathered in the local community center for the meeting and lecture on Saturday.  The room was full and every chair was filled.

After the meeting, it was time for my "quilty" lecture.  They were a great group and laughed heartily in all of the right places.

This is a picture of their opportunity quilt for next year.  Stunning!

On Sunday, I taught my Patchwork Math workshop in this beautiful, well-lit room.  The girls had lots of space and were able to spread their quilting tools and fabrics out across the tables.

Here I am with my document camera which projects behind me so everyone in the room can see what I'm demonstrating.

Here are samples of their fabulous creations.

What about this as a border?  Pretty nifty if you ask me!

The girls are having fun arranging their components on the design wall.

Joanne has an almost finished table topper.

This is what happens during a Patchwork Math class. I present a new component and formula about every hour on the hour for around ten minutes.  Then the quilters go off to their workstations and make the component.  The first component and formula that I teach is how to make Half Square Triangles 8 at a time.  Then we move on to Square in a Square, Y-Squares, Flying Geese, Double Flying Geese and finish with 3-color Quarter Square Triangles.  It is a full day and the girls keep busy!  This group was very busy and highly productive......and down right fun to be with! 
They really liked "stumping the chump", that would be me!  I think they are going to take Patchwork Math to a whole new level.  You girls were great and made Gail and me feel so welcome.  Thank you ALL so much.

If you are interested in a copy of my Patchwork Math book, it is available HERE.  For those of you with any kind of phobia about math, we'll just call it Finessing the Figures!  Okay?



  1. Wow! Looks like you all had fun! That document camera is sensational. Technology can be a wonderful thing. I keep having to remind myself of that!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Look at all those "Napa fabrics"! They remind me of the first quilt shop I walked into in Napa some years ago. Everyone sure came up with some great blocks! Hope you and Gail got to do a little "tippling" at some wineries, too!