Sunday, April 23, 2017

Amador Valley Quilt Show

Hello Everyone,
Here are a few pictures of my booth at the quilt show.  We had a great time yesterday seeing so many friends.

Since it is a local show, we had the opportunity to visit with many customers and friends from In Between Stitches.  We talked and gave out hugs all day long.  It is such a tough job!

I have my note cards displayed on an old-fashioned writing desk. How many of you remember The Palmer Method of handwriting?  The boxes of cards are selling well for me, so they will become a permanent fixture in my booth.

The Christmas table runner pattern, Homemade Holiday is also selling well.  I guess quilters are in the planning mode for Christmas.

A thirty foot booth gives me so much space for display, and lots of room for shoppers.

My granddaughter Kinsey helped us yesterday.  My other granddaughter Emily will be helping today.  I think it is excellent experience for the girls to be introduced to the world of business at an early age.  It is fun for them to see the patterns sell that they packaged. Yesterday we got so busy I forgot to take a picture of Kinsey and Gail working the register together.

Tomorrow I'll post pictures of the quilts on display at the show.  There are many amazing works of art.  The show runs until 4 this afternoon at the Robert Livermore Community Center.  If you come by, you'll get a hug!


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  1. These shows are a lot of work but obviously you thrive on them and it's nice that your grandchildren get in on the action. I agree - it's good that they understand what it take to make a buck or two - that will be invaluable to them. So glad that the cards are taking off.