Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Half Square Triangle Tutorial is Featured on TQS today

Hello Everyone,
Today, TQS (The Quilt Show) is featuring the way I make half-square triangles.  This entire block is made using only HST.  Now I could have thrown some flying geese in there too, but I want to prove a point on the versatility of the HST.

It all begins by making this many 1-1/2" HST for this 9" block.

They can be arranged and rearranged in many different combinations to create very complex designs.

To watch the HST tutorial on TQS click HERE.  The video contains the formula so you will learn to make HST 8 at a time.  This really is a speedy, and accurate method.  The video is only about 7 minutes so you really won't have time to make popcorn during the show.  Make sure you have a paper and pen ready so you can take notes.

A download for the cutting directions to make a 9" block  full of half-square triangle is located HERE. The Patchwork Math book is available HERE at a discounted price.

Remember, my Patchwork Math videos are always available for free on TQS.  So when you are working on something at 2am, and you need a refresher coarse......well there you go.  The tutorials are just a click away.  I also have a tutorial on HST in the Virtual Classroom section at the top of my blog HERE.

I'll be making more of HST today for a project that I'm working on, and I'll post my result tomorrow.

Have fun making your triangles! 



  1. Lynn, I love your teaching videos and instruction. Thank you for sharing this link. I hope to purchase your book. Does it include instructions for quarter square triangles? I would love to know the math for different sizes.

  2. Hi Lynn, I really enjoyed your tutorial in TQS! You mentioned a pdf to download. Where can I find it? Thanks so much!