Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Featured on The Quilt Show Blog

Top of the Morning to Everyone,
So where do I begin?  So much is going on at Sew'n Wild Oaks that my head is spinning more than it usually does.  Yesterday, I got an email from Rose at The Quilt Show.  She told me my Patchwork Math classes were going to be featured today on The Quilt Show's Daily Blog!  Click HERE and it will take you right to my classes.  If you click there, don't forget to come back because there's a lot more to read.

Timing could not have been better as I just taught Patchwork Math, or as I now call it Finessing the Figures, at Cloth and Quilts in Turlock to a delightful group of women on Monday.  Here are a few photos of their practical application of the class.


Here are my favorite Y-squares combined together to make a lattice border.  It is so easy to make this dramatic border.  The class learned how to make this any size they need.

I get so busy teaching, that I forget to take pictures of all the creations.  My apologies to those who weren't included.

Nancy doesn't let anything go to waste.  Here are the itty bitty little pieces cut away from the double flying geese unit.

Like I said at the beginning of the post, timing for the show couldn't have been better......drum roll.....because.......everything is now finalized for the quilting cruise to Alaska July 5th - 15th, 2018, where I will be teaching Finessing the Figures on The Grand Princess out of San Francisco!

So ship ahoy, shiver me timbers, and get on board the Finessing the Figures floating class.  During the week of  May 1 - May 8th, only a $100 deposit is needed to secure your reservation.  After that date the deposit will be 20% of the cruise price.  You can contact for more information.  Or you can contact me, and I will email you the flyer and booking information. 

There will be four quilt teachers on board and we all have something different to offer.  You can stick with me for the entire four days of quilting instruction, or you can check out three other teachers.  If you stick with me, I'll be your BFF! 

Seriously, what could be more fun than sewing for four days on the open ocean, stops along the way at different ports of call, excursions on our private quilting bus, whale watching, and did I forget to mention eating???? Non-quilters are also welcome.  Bring those spouses along to spend quality time with Mr. Joe.  My sister Gail is going, and our cousin Melody.  We can be quite funny when we are all together. Warning: Spontaneous bursts of laughter have been known to erupt when we are together.

I'll be teaching Finessing the Figures during the two day trip to Alaska. On the return trip I'll be teaching Snow Diamonds.  This quilt will be a combination of several different techniques, and will be a wonderful remembrance of your Alaskan vacation. (I'd better get busy and design this one!)

Your assignment today, should you choose to accept it, is to watch the Patchwork Math segments and get an idea of my teaching style, and a sample of what you will be learning on the cruise.  If you can't join me on the cruise, have fun watching the short videos and apply the formulas and my techniques to your everyday quilting.

A little side note inserted here.  About three days after the filming of my segments, the editor emailed them to me for my review.  My grandson Jess, who was 7 at the time, was with me for the afternoon.  I asked him if he wanted to watch Grammy's videos.  We sat down together and he watched every single one of them.  When they were over, I asked him his thoughts.

         He said, "Grammy, you have a beard."  I was horrified. 
         I said, "Can you see my chin hairs on the computer?" 
         He said, "No Grammy, I'm sitting right next to you and I can see them."

Let me know if you see them.



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