Friday, May 26, 2017

Half Square Triangle in a Triangle

Hello Everyone,
This post is a couple of days behind bad.  This should have posted on Wednesday in conjunction with The Quilt Show post of my Patchwork Math class HERE.  Today I'm going to show you how to enhance the square in a triangle into a half-square triangle in a triangle.  What is this you ask?  It is the component located in each corner of the block.
If you watch the video first then this will make much for sense to you.  I turn Piece A into a HST using the HST technique HERE.  Because this component is going to finish at 3", I know the HST is going to be trimmed to 2" unfinished.  When it is sewn into the component it will finish at 1 1/2".  I know it may be confusing.....but 3 divided by 2 = 1 1/2".
So I line all of the pieces up in the correct order.

Stitch the HST to the rectangle.  Press toward the rectangle.  This is IMPORTANT!

Take a look at the back.  In the video I show you where to clip through the seam so it will lay flat.

Place this section directly on top of Piece C.

Line your ruler up along the 45 degree line on the bottom of the component.  See how the ruler lines up running through the stitches of the HST.  Mark along this line. 

The line is NOT going corner to corner.

Rotate the component and mark the other side.

After you stitch directly on the line, cut it apart.

Look what you get!  Aren't they cute.  The Patchwork Math book is available HERE and it won't be on sale much longer.  Don't delay.

Here is a practical application of this technique in my Harvest of Hope pattern.  The entire border is comprised of this component.

It gives me a great opportunity to add another color into my quilt.

On an entirely different note, we caught this duo on our critter cam last night.  I think this picture is stinkin' cute!  I should Photoshop a little thought bubble over Wylie Coyote.  Gee, I wonder what he is thinking?  Go ahead, add a caption in the comment section.