Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Flying Geese and Double Flying Geese

Hello Everyone,
We are going to "fly" on over to The Quilt Show this morning and take a look at my Flying Geese video in the classroom section by clicking HERE.
The following two blocks each have flying geese and they are two different sizes.

This block contains two double flying geese in each basket.  I love the fact that I can make four at a time which makes quick work of these baskets since I have two matching set of geese.

This is an entire row of double flying geese in the baskets.

Here are regular flying geese surrounding the center of the medallion quilt.  Parallel geese are on the last border, creating the rick rack look.  The directions for all of the geese are located in my Patchwork Math book which is on sale at The Quilt Show HERE.

This is Emilie Elizabeth, a quilt I named after my maternal grandmother.  It is full of geese.

Here are the little baskets again in Once Upon a Vine.

I also have tutorials posted HERE on my Virtual Classroom tab at the top of my blog.  I remember the afternoon I made all of the flying geese for October Magic.  When I make them four at a time, I whip right through the task.

So check out The Quilt Show today. Check out my tutorial, and get those geese flying around your sewing room.


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  1. After learning these from your Patchwork Math book and the Quilt Show, they're now no brainers! Thank goodness, because I can use my brain for so many other things now ;>)