Thursday, May 11, 2017

Pine Tree Quilt Guild Show

Hello Everyone,
Here are a few pictures of my booth at the show in Grass Valley last weekend.  I always try to have a Christmas section for a spot of cheer.

 These three ladies, Gail, Nancie and Laurie, turned this space......

 ....into this space is about three hours.

I'm now a distributor for the Martelli cutting and ironing system.  I always do a Patchwork Math demonstration during my show using my round cutting board.  So many people ask about it, that I contacted the company, and now I'm selling them.  It is so easy to endorse a product you use and love.

I never know what the big seller is going to be during a show.  See the light green and yellow quilt bunched up in the middle.  Madrigal was the big seller for this show.  That quilt usually gets left home and I bring the dark version.  I think she made the cut and will be traveling with me to the Santa Rosa show next month.

Here's a full view of Madrigal made in Urban Cowgirl fabrics.

Our attempt at a selfie. 

We all stayed at Nancie's beautiful home in Grass Valley.  She was such a gracious hostess.  I told her not to fuss for us......which fell on deaf ears. Spending time with these special, and creative quilters, and friends is a wonderful experience. We laughed so hard Sunday morning that I had to redo my makeup before we left for the show.

The accounting for the show is finished.  All bins, quilts and props are stored away until the next show.  This week Mr. Joe and I have been engrossed with the grand kids in Little League games, (Jess had an inside the park homerun and struck out 8 batters. Kade struck out three batters in a row to end the game for his team). We went to the FFA silent auction, and we are now the proud owners of a portable fire pit, and a new door mat.  We are going to Emily's track meet this afternoon.  Never a dull moment around here!



  1. Your set up is beautiful and inviting.

  2. You ladies rock! With such a gorgeous booth, there must never be much of anything left over! So glad you're a Martelli distributor, Lynn. I absolutely love my Martellli rounder - don't know how I ever lived without it!

  3. Your booth is absolutely stunning with those beautiful quilts! I imagine the attendees are awestruck! So glad you did so well and had such great elves to help you out!