Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Zinnie's Choice Update

Hello Everyone,
Yesterday on our way home from the cabin we stopped at a little park in Murphys for a photo shoot for Zinnie's Choice.


It's a cute little park with a stream, gazebo, and picnic tables.  I knew it would be the perfect spot to showcase this quilt.

The flag was already there in the planter.....karma.

Right before we left the cabin, I read a comment on my prior post from JB.  She said,

"Hi there. Just a question on your quilt pattern... when flags are hung the way the image appears in your last picture (i.e. with the long side vertical), isn't the blue field with the stars hung to the top left?"

JB is absolutely correct!  This is the picture I posted of the quilt.

Mr. Joe and I immediately searched to find out the proper way to display the American flag.  We learned so much and we have JB to thank. With a little copy and paste, below is the correct way to hang a flag vertically. The blue field with the stars (the union) should be displayed in the upper left hand corner. 
When the flag is hung vertically, say from the ceiling in a gym, you have to have the union on the left after deciding where the viewers will be when they first see it.  Those sitting on the other side of the gym will view it backwards, like my quilt! 
All the way home from the cabin we looked at flags, of which there were many along the route.  The majority were displayed the correct way. The union must always be on the observer's left.  Thank you JB for bringing this important information to my attention. Now I'm going to include this same information in the pattern.

I'm also going to suggest this layout as an alternative if you want to hang the quilt vertically as well as horizontally.

My quilt will always be displayed, and fly proudly horizontally from now on.

Thank you JB for educating me.  I'm so glad you posted your informative comment.



  1. I had to correct my neighbor on this matter once, only because he was a fireman and I knew he would be embarrassed if another fireman saw it. My Dad was a stickler for flag etiquette but I think he would be fine with however you display that wonderful quilt!

  2. Hello there. The extraordinary talent and effort that you put in to making this beautiful quilt show the highest respect for the flag, and the country. Thank you for sharing your work with all of us.

    1. Dear JB,
      I wish I could respond to you directly. There isn't an email attached to your comment. Thank you so much for speaking up and educating me. I really appreciate it and your kind words.
      Take care,

  3. This quilt is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  4. Awesome information. I had never really thought about this. Thank you and JB for educating us! This is stuff we should all know and be respectful of. It made my day when I first saw Zinnies Choice hung horozontally from the gazebo, but I have to say, I also love it with the doubled field of stars now too!!!
    I'm so glad I saved my stash of Charlevoix...