Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Coming to a Mailbox Near You

Hello Everyone,
Now I can let the cat out of the bag and share the news about the 365 pounds of patterns that we shipped off last week to.........drum roll.......Keepsake Quilting!  Their next catalog has two of my patterns, Country Charmer and Prairie Flower.  Both are offered as kits too.

Several months ago I was approached by Robert Kaufman fabrics to inquire about them remaking County Charmer in their Holiday Flourish Christmas fabric line.  I couldn't say "YES" fast enough!  To put the icing on the cake, I didn't have to make the quilt.....or quilt the quilt.  I don't know who made it, but I do know that it was beautifully machine quilted by Darla Padilla who just happens to live in the same town as me.  Small world.

Keepsake is offering Country Charmer as a kit and also only the pattern.  I have a bone of contention with Keepsake that no attribution was given to me as the designer of the quilt. I sent off an email to see if the online catalog could be fixed.  I'm sure the paper catalogs have been printed and mailed out by now.

I have an extensive tutorial HERE on my blog which shows you how to make this block step by step.

Next up is Prairie Flower.  I was driving down to Turlock to teach a class when I saw this street sign.  U-turn!  I went back and snapped a picture.

Prairie Flower is also offered as a kit or an individual pattern.  This quilt is made with Conestoga Crossing fabric by Pam Buda for Marcus Fabrics.

This quilt is going on the bed in Autumn and will stay on through the Holidays.  That is when it's not out traveling around the countryside.

It is my understanding that Keepsake rents a house for each photo shoot.  I love the way they displayed both of my quilts.

Now I have to get my head out of the clouds, and my feet back on solid ground, and start packing and drive up to Santa Rosa for a guild lecture tonight to the Moonlight Quilters of Sonoma County.  It should be a fun evening!  Prairie Flower is going to be there with me, along with a different version of Country Charmer.


  1. Congrats! I hope KQ will be giving you the credit you deserve.

  2. I totally love my Country Charmer. It's supposed to be a Christmas quilt but it's still draped over the wing backed chair in our bedroom because I can't bear to put it in the closet. I just know that hundreds of others will now be charmed by it as well. Congrats on your continuing success Lynn!

  3. These are both beautiful! I think I have noticed that before in the Keepsake catalog. I would like a pattern and wondered who the designer was. Hope that fix that!

  4. Things just keep getting better and better for you Lynn! I am happy for you - beautiful quilts!

  5. Congratulations, Lynn. These quilts are beautiful! It's time for Keepsake to give credit to all the designers whose patterns they sell.

  6. Congrats on the two quilts in Keepsake Quilting!!! They are both so lovely!! And rats: I was busy w/ dr apts for my daughter and sewing a baby quilt for a baby shower tonight, so didn't see my emails till tonight: I would have loved to see you in Santa Rosa tonight!! :-( I hope it went well for you!!! Hugs, H

  7. Thank goodness they are now giving you credit!! I love all your designs and was wondering if any of them are fat quarter friendly?

  8. Congrats! Country Charmer will be a timeless quilt...what a legacy! Prairie Flowers is stunning too!

  9. could not be happier for you~ both quilts are fantastic.