Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Country Sunshine Progress

Hello Everyone,
I have been focused on Country Sunshine over the past few days.  My diligence paid off with a lot of progress on this beauty.  I love this quilt and that makes it a joy to work on and finish.

All of the blocks are made and ready to be sewn together into the quilt.  This picture shows you just half of the quilt.

The fabrics are from Rachel Remember by Betsy Chutchian for Moda.  The fabrics combine beautifully together.  As a designer, this makes my job so easy.

Here's the anatomy of the block on my block layout sheet.  There are over 80 pieces of fabric, and this keeps me organized.  Each pattern will contain one of these sheets.  This one is missing four rectangles on the sides.  I discovered that when I began laying out the fabrics.  Yes, this block takes time to make, but it's not that hard.

Today is a travel day for me so I won't be able to work on my quilt.  Insert sad face here.  Our grandson is playing baseball tonight and we don't want to miss seeing him play.  Insert happy face here! 

Also, I have to pick up part of my monumental pattern order from the printer, and start stuffing the patterns into their plastic sleeves and ship them off. 

We also need to get back home to say goodbye to our granddaughter's pigs, Crimson and Clover, at the County Fair.

A petite and very shapely Clover, placed 3rd in her class during showmanship.

A robust Crimson placed 4th in his class during showmanship.

Many early mornings beginning at 4:30am can wear a person out.  Harleigh is a member and officer in FFA (Future Farmers of America).  In my opinion, this is one of the best programs the high school has to offer.  She learns so much about responsibility and has exhibited so much personal growth and developed leadership skills.  She has been involved in the Cradle to Grave program through FFA and 4H.  She has delivered scores of piglets, fed and cared for them for months, bought two of her own, and will now see them off to market this weekend.  It will be a sad yet rewarding day for her and the culmination of months of hard work and commitment.  After Sunday she can get caught up on her sleep for a few weeks, then the program starts all over again!


P.S. Don't forget to get your name in the drawing for a copy of my Zinnie's Choice pattern.  See my post on July 4th to enter the drawing.



  1. I had BBQ with friends yesterday who went to the fair on Friday with their kids. They spent time talking with Harleigh that day and were so impressed with her.

  2. Country Sunshine is breathtaking! Love your choice of blue for the setting triangles! Your grand daughter is so!

  3. loving this quilt more and more Lynn. The choice of Blue for the insets in lovely and sets it all off. Harleigh is a wonderful young lady. She will do well In her life simply because of this organization. I admire these kids so much. Good luck in the baseball game. Try and stay cool.

  4. Country Sunshine looks wonderful.

  5. Country Sunshine looks really lovely as it comes together. Hope it's not heresy, but seeing your single block picture made me think it might also be nice to do a quilt with just one of those quilt blocks super sized. Could be fun. : )

  6. That is going to be one gorgeous quilt!! You certainly have a fantastic eye for design!! And your tired granddaughter: what a good girl!! We have a 4H fair here in Healdsburg every year, and it is one of the things I love about living in a small town! Have fun at the game!! Hugs, H

  7. I just love your Country Sunshine quilt...lovely! I showed sheep and rabbits at my 4H fair each memories. Thanks!

  8. Where is this quilt pattern available?

    1. Thank you for asking, Veronica. The pattern is available in my sewnwildoaksdesigns shop on Etsy.