Friday, January 26, 2018

Dying to Quilt

Hello Everyone,
Today, Gail and I are at Friends Around the Block in Colusa, CA.  I will be teaching Patchwork Math today, and Heritage tomorrow.

Before the building housed Friends Around the Block, it was a mortuary.  The owner was going to the name the shop Dying to Quilt....but thought better of it.

This shop is adorable!  It is large too.  I forgot to ask, but I'm quite sure the lights are original to the building.

There is a wonderful selection of fabrics from which to choose.

I bought a ton of fabric from their reproduction section to make bundles for my shows.  I want to keep it ALL!

They also have a long arm in this room and offer long arm quilting to their customers.

This is the classroom where I will be teaching.  I brought the two Country Sunshines along with me.  I literally finished machine quilting the Country Sunshine that is on the table, about five minutes before I had to walk out the door and drive to Colusa.

The classroom has wonderful lighting and is so spacious.

There's my Patchwork Math sampler quilt on the design wall.  One of these days I'll get the pattern written and quilt it.  Zinnie's Choice is on the quilt rack.

We are looking forward to a fun day at Friends Around the Block.
On another note for those of you living close to Livermore. Alex Anderson is going to have a one-woman show this weekend.  Alex will have 25 quilts on display at Berkshire Hathaway Real Estate office in downtown Livermore, 1983 Second Street.  The reception will be between 4-6pm on Sunday, January 28th.  This would be a great time to stop by and see Alex and her quilts.  Tell her Lynn sent you.
Well folks, I have to get ready for my day at Friends Around the Block.  I'm dying to see the students!  Pun intended.
P.S.  The patterns for all of my quilts and Patchwork Math book are located on Etsy at my shop.  Click HERE to go to my shop. 


  1. Have a 'lively' day :-)
    I will be one to stand in line for that Patchwork Math Sampler. A great way to learn more and it's so beautiful!

  2. Oh what fun! And I think they should call it "Dying to Quilt". After all that is reality with most of us! If that is too bold, how about "Inner Piece"?

  3. I hope if you and Gail ran into any ghosts, that they were friendly quilting ghosts! What a great place,

  4. Just shows what a little imagination can do!
    Have a great time!

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