Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Lessons Learned

Hello Everyone,
Here are images of two more new blocks for Heritage. 

It takes me awhile to select just the right fabrics.  I don't want them to be too matchey, matchey.  I want them to be unique and be able to stand alone on their own within the quilt.  There are 49 star blocks in the quilt, giving me 49 chances to get it right!  I can't knock it out of the park every time, but I can try!

I have a couple more that need to be sewn that are on the block layout sheet.  Maybe this afternoon I will put everything else aside and work on them.  I've already changed the block on the bottom right to give it a bit more "zip".

I hope you all had a good New Year's Eve.  We had a quiet one and binge watched "The Last Post".  It is an Amazon original series and it captured our interest with the first episode.  There are only six episodes and we have one more to watch.  Unless I'm working on an applique project, I usually doze off at night in front of the TV.....but not during this show! 

I'm going to take a different stance on the new year.   I don't want to sound like Miss Congeniality in the Miss America contest, so I'm not going to say that I'm wishing for world peace.  I'm going to look at what I learned from 2017, and try to apply those life lessons to 2018. 

If someone had told me last year at this time, that our son was going to get divorced.......I wouldn't have thought it possible.  Lesson learned - Nothing lasts forever.  Choose forgiveness over anger and life will be sweeter.

If someone had told me last year at this time we were going to move after being in the same house for 30 years......I wouldn't have believed you.  Lesson learned - Downsize, downsize, downsize!  I repeat DOWNSIZE NOW!!

If someone had told me that my business was going to take me to heights I'd never experienced before.....I would have laughed and said, "No Way"!  Lesson learned - Keep plugging away at what you've set in place and it will grow with constant care and feeding.

So what did I learn?  I learned to roll with the punches, accept change and know that everything is going to work out for the best.....and it will if you BELIEVE it will.

Now comes the Miss Congeniality spiel for 2018. Let's all be kinder, and let it begin with us, the quilters of the world.  There are millions of us, so let's put all of that positive power into action and make the world a better place, one kindness after another.  End of spiel.

I have it by good authority that my High School Freshman English teacher might be reading my blog.  I'll apologize right now Mrs. Boness for my lack of proper punctuation.  I must have been asleep during that whole unit.  Now spelling on the other hand is good.....thanks to spell check!  You were always a positive influence on our young, hormone and testosterone driven teenage brains.  Because of you, I love the English language from poetry to the classics.  There isn't a day that goes by that I don't read a few chapters, and write a few words from my to-do list to my blog.  End of "suck up" time, at least I don't have to worry about a grade anymore. Thank you for putting up with us. I hope to see at a guild meeting in the future.

I have hit the reset button and hit the ground running for 2018.  The creative juices are flowing and I'm excited about new opportunities, challenges, and changes.


P.S. If you are interested in purchasing my Heritage pattern, it is located HERE in my Etsy store.


  1. Thanks for the wonderful advice. You have had a year full of changes! I have often looked around our house of 30 plus years and I must say it frightens me to think what "could" happen if we had to move tomorrow! In my heart I know I could live without all of my material things (except fabric!!). I wish you a wonderful quilt filled 2018!

  2. Having just come up out of the basement after sorting and reorganizing (and tossing some) a lifetime of Christmas and holiday ornaments, I totally agree with your philosophy, Lynn! Many good words here to live by!

  3. Love your blocks Lynn! And great words of advice. But in a 1120sq ft house, my problem isn't downsizing!! :-) I'll see you soon this year: I hope it is a wonderful one for you!! Hugs, H

  4. Wow, you had a tumultuous year! Sadly, I'm watching our daughter go through a divorce as well, and finding it difficult sometimes to come to terms with that. Your blocks are so pretty. You know what? I think a quilt is better for having some of the blocks not being hit out of the park, so to speak. It lets the greatest ones really stand out spectacularly. If every single one was perfectly spectacular, it wouldn't be a sparkly overall.

  5. Thank you for your heart felt post. No, we don't know what the year will bring. I never would have guessed that I would have three grands in 15 months. Life tends to throw curve balls. But I am trusting that all things work together for good. Have a great 2018.