Sunday, June 24, 2018

Back to My Applique

Hello Everyone,
I'm coming up for air and getting back to what I love to do.....applique.  I started this wall hanging a good year ago.....and it's still not finished.

I'm going to call the pattern Huckleberry Hill.  When we were on a road trip to Northern, northern California two years ago, I saw a street sign named Huckleberry Hill.  I wrote it down in my quilting notebook, and now it is coming to life.

I started prepping the last block this week.  I want to have something to take with me on the cruise to work on at night.  I know there's a casino and late night shows on board the ship.  We might check them out, but late night entertainment is not our "thing".  Most likely we will spend the evenings enjoying the views from our balcony window.  We will be drinking in the glorious landscape and marvel at the beauty of Alaska.

This one is done.

This blocks is almost done.

Yesterday I put 23 quilts on the dining room table, then folded them all back up, and packed them in bags by order of appearance for my guild lecture in Santa Clara tomorrow night.  I have five, giant Zip Lock bags that I use to haul my quilts around. 

I've been printing like crazy to replenish my pattern cubbies, and my pattern bins that I will take with me tomorrow.  This is a large guild that I'm traveling to, so I have to be prepared for pattern sales.

Mr. Joe knows when I'm approaching my over-the-top-up-to-my-eyeballs in work.  He packed a picnic lunch the other day, and we headed to Lake Alpine for a couple of hours.  I'm calling this photo the dog days of summer.

My daughter said picture looks like a skinny man holding a bouquet.  She's right.  I call this picture the definition of tenacity.  A tree growing from solid rock.

It was a gorgeous day on the lake.  Mazey enjoyed it as much as I did.  Sometimes I just have to get away and focus on nature and vistas outside my sewing room.

My fellow quilter, and friend Susan, made and gave me this wonderful centerpieces for our patio table.  It is mesmerizing watching the little fairy lights.  The table topper glistens in the dark. Thank you so much Susan, we love it. 

I'll finish my guild preparations today.  I may even pack up my quilting supplies for the cruise.  I plan on taking one suitcase full of quilting supplies for the cruisers.  I'll have more quilting things than clothes!  Maybe I should make myself a patchwork gown for the two formal that would be something.  My idea of formal is a clean pair of jeans!



  1. If you make a stop in Anchorage, check out The Quilted Raven. Love their Alaskan batiks!

  2. Hi Lynn - once again a great blog. The pictures are beautiful. I have been to that Quilt Guild once with a friend of mine. I could not believe how huge it was. And Show and Tell was something to see. Have fun and I wish you lots of sales. See you soon. AND Susans gift is perfect.

  3. Mazey has my heart. Perhaps because she reminds me so much of my own Gracie. Love our pooches! (What a great hubby to give you such a nice distraction and a moment of peace!)

  4. huckleberry hill sure is pretty! Have fun in Santa Clara! Hugs, H

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