Thursday, June 28, 2018

Santa Clara Quilt Guild Quality Time

Hello Everyone,

I spent some wonderful quality time with the good people at the Santa Clara Quilt Guild Monday night for my lecture, and all day Tuesday for a Patchwork Math Workshop.  The following are just a few of the photos from the workshop.

These girls really got into their projects!


I loved their creativity.

They all made the same components, yet look at the variety of results!

We had a wonderful, and spacious classroom.

Monday night I had a full house for my lecture.

There were so many quilters that help me get set up for both the lecture and the workshop.  You have know idea just how much Gail and I appreciated all of your help during set up and take down.

My goal for the next few days is packing for the quilting cruise.  Time to start laying outfits out and placing them in the suitcase.  I’m more concerned about taking all of my quilting supplies.  If I forget something, it’s not like I can find it out in the Pacific Ocean!



  1. Thanks Lynn for the awesome class. Your quilts are amazing and you are an inspiring teacher.
    Wish I could be with you on the cruise!
    Enjoy, Sandy

  2. Lynn and Gail, what fun we had! I got so much out of your class and loved, loved, loved seeing the quilts I've admired on this blog in person. What a treat. xoxo