Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Kit Zone

Hello Everyone,
I've been in a "zone" lately.....the kit zone.  I've been cutting and packaging 48 kits for the Alaskan Quilt Cruise.
This is a photo of all the fabrics for Row-Mancing Alaska.  The kits are too pretty to open up and start cutting the fabrics.

This is the final kit.

Here are the pictures of the fabric for Country Sampler.

Here's the final kit.

We've always jokingly called this area of the cabin our FedEx Mail Center.  The telephone office sign complete with bullet holes, antique stamp dispenser, and old crank phone are added character to this part of the cabin.

These packages are full of kits ready to be shipped.  Mr. Joe and Mazey made two runs to the post office yesterday.  I'll try to get the rest shipped by the end of the week.

Some of the Alaskan quilters are taking both of my classes and have two kits and patterns headed their way. They get to experience double the fun!
This morning I'm headed off to Benicia to pick up my sister Gail, then we are heading over to San Rafael for a lecture at the Mt. Tam Quilt Guild tonight.  YIKES, I'd better sign off and start getting ready to leave.  Lots of driving for me today and tomorrow.  I'll practice my talk on my way out of the mountains......and try not to put myself to sleep.


  1. The kits are beautiful! Can't wait to see the final product! Yes, practice your talk on the road out of the mountains so your sister doesn't have to listen to it on the way to San Rafael! Just kidding! I think you could do that talk in your sleep!

  2. Love love love the kits Lynn. Cant wait.

  3. Sure appreciate all the work you've put into this, Lynn! Got my package safe and sound today!

  4. You put alot of time and love into each quilt kit. Thank you for all you do!

  5. Loving the kits! I admit I did cut the first one out. Can't wait to get started!