Saturday, November 17, 2018

A Scrappy Heritage

Hello Everyone,
The Independence Hall Scholarship Quilt is on its way to the machine quilter!  I finished the corner sections and borders yesterday.  Mazey loves to pose in front of the quilts when the camera comes out.  It looks like she is missing her back legs.  Trust me, they are tucked under all that golden fur.

Here is the group responsible for making the quilt.  There are more too, who left before I took the picture.  More quilters also came to the second workshop in October.  A least 20 different quilters worked on this quilt.  That means 20 different sewing machines, 20 different 1/4" seams.  Once it was all together, it was only 1/4" smaller than it should be.  That was amazing!

Tickets will be available soon so you can buy a chance to win this beauty.  All proceeds will go to the scholarship fund to assist deserving seniors who plan on continuing their education.  Our goal over the coming year is to fill the guild bank account, and help as many students as we can.




  1. Wow...just wow. Congratulations to everyone on a beautiful work of art!!!

  2. BGeautiful. Will look forward to more info.

  3. That is just Gogeous,many such a great cause as well. May you sell thousands of tickets!