Thursday, November 15, 2018

Country Sunshine Class was in Session

Hello Everyone,
I spent a delightful day teaching Country Sunshine in the classroom at Friends Around the Blocks in Colusa last Saturday. So many beautiful blocks were born during the class.

All the blocks begin life on the block layout sheet.  This keeps you organized during construction.


My Country Sunshine pattern is located HERE on Etsy.  Here are pictures of my two Country Sunshine quilts.

Julie brought in the blocks that she'd made for a scrappy Heritage quilt. They were so gorgeous!

A customer brought in this heirloom quilt.  We were all amazed at the level of detail in this quilt all made by hand.

I am so lucky that I get to surround myself in such beauty day after day.  Not only do I get to spend time looking at beautiful quilts, and blocks, I spend my days with wonderful people. 
I've been researching how to conduct an online raffle of one of my quilts to benefit my friends who lost everything during the Paradise fire.  Oh the red tape to even begin! Which is nothing compared to the red tape the survivors are going through. I may have to link up with a guild since I am not a non-profit organization. I will keep you posted. 
The tales of heroism and horror are on our news every night.  Except for one, all of my childhood friends lost EVERYTHING in the fire. How can an entire community be erased?  It is incomprehensible.  The statistics this morning are staggering. 
56 souls perished,  The authorities are going house to house looking for bodies.
296 are missing....many on the list are elderly.
8,800 structures have burned to the ground.
This is too much suffering for a small community to manage.  The fire in Paradise is on my mind when I go to bed, and it's my first thought when I wake up.
Here is a picture of the church where our mom taught Sunday School. Craig Memorial Congregational Church
 This was were I went to Elementary School. 

It's going to take years to rebuild the infrastructure.  There's no water, electricity, or any type of services available in town.  It could be weeks before we are allowed in to the witness the area and see what is left of our family home and community. 
I've had a heavy heart for days.  While preparing for Thanksgiving, my thoughts return to my roots.  I'm thankful that I grew up in Paradise and have many wonderful memories.  I'm thankful the community gave me my sense of self, sense of place, and made me who I am today.  That cannot be erased.


  1. Hard to find words for the heaviness we feel. I hope something works out for your raffle. That's a great idea. We will all be looking for ways to reach out.

  2. My friend, Bonnie Brown Howard’s father was pastor of the Congregational Church in Paradise in the 50’s. I wonder if you two went to school together?

    1. I also see that Lynn worked at LLNL, as did my husband, for 35 years. Our paths must have crossed, either in Paradise or the Bay Area. My prayers, Lynn, for you and your family, and all who are suffering through this tragedy.

  3. sad beyond words. Prayers for all affected.

  4. Paradise will be rebuilt and it will be bigger and better (safer). We must have hope. Folsom quilt guild have donated over 60 quilts already with more coming. Quilters are a giving bunch.

  5. My heart is filled with sorrow for all affected. The loss alone is terrible, but those still searching for loved ones - horror.

  6. The fires in Cal is just awful... I been keeping them in my prayers... You blocks are beautiful, I love the patterns and it is going to look wonderful in a quilt... Hugs and Stitches Jean :)

  7. Oh Lynn!, I had forgotten you were originally from that area!
    So very sad. Sending you strength, comfort, and a big hug!
    Liz Stroud