Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Pattern Stuffing

 Hello Everyone,

This is what old retired people do during the day......they fold, spindle, and stuff hundreds of patterns into plastics bags to get ready for shipping to quilt shops who signed up for the Marcus Fabrics BOM - A Ribbon Runs Through It.

I failed miserably at my retirement in 2008 from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.  I'm making up for lost time while working three times as hard running my own little company.  I love the challenge and the rewards.

Our dining room has been transformed into a pattern collating and stuffing center.  Mr. Joe and I sit here by the hour listening to music, and each other while we stuff.

We unloaded the big boxes on the front porch.

Then we went to work pattern stuffing.

The finished product is then put back into the boxes to await shipment.  There are quite a few pattern orders, and I have to spread out the cost over several weeks.  As soon as one shipment comes in from the printer, I place another order.  It's a real juggling act.

On another note, we are heading out to visit our daughter today.  Last week she was dancing at a Guns N' Roses concert celebrating her anniversary.  While she was dancing, she did something to her ankle.  That was on Wednesday.  Over the next few days she kept up her normal work schedule, and then over the weekend she helped her daughter set up a pen for a new steer.  Her ankle and calf became very uncomfortable, swollen and black and blue, so she headed to urgent care on Sunday. They put on a temporary cast, and then referred her to a specialist yesterday.  Come to find out, she totally ruptured her Achilles tendon.  It rolled up like a window shade into her calf.  It's going to be a loooong 12 week recovery.  We have now suggested she only attend Yanni concerts.

So this "Sweet Child o' Mine" is "One in a Million" and was "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" for the past few days.....just to name a few Guns N' Roses hits. 



  1. hope your daughter foot will be able to heal well and she will follow doctor's orders. Good luck on all those patterns - that is a lot of folding and stuffing to do

  2. My best wishes for the speediest Achilles tendon rupture healing EVER!!!!!! And just think...if either you or Joe get irritated with the other, you can just say "stuff it" and get away with it!!!!No harm; no foul!!

  3. Oh No. Those are the worst. May sure she is taking car of herself. My thoughts will be with her and all of you. As far as stuffing, and folding, good luck with that too. What an adventure. I don't think you are REALLY retired :}

  4. How awful for your daughter! Hope the healing goes smoothly. As for you, young lady, it absolutely looks like "retirement" is agreeing with you & Mr. Joe. *smile*

  5. So sorry about your daughter. I hope she has a complete recovery.

  6. Sorry to hear about your daughter's foot. But your take on it was very entertaining.
    I'm sure your pattern is a huge hit. It's beautiful.