Sunday, September 12, 2021

Let the Fall decorating begin!

Hello Everyone,

Do you have some days that are more productive than others?  Yesterday I was on a mission to change the quilts around, and decorate the cabin for Fall.

By the end of the afternoon, I logged over 10,000 steps on my Fitbit!  I love putting this quilt on display year after year. The quilt is called Scrappy Maple Leaves and the pattern was in a book by Ilene Bartos. I am playing with fire here because a squirrel, chickoree, or a mouse ate part of the last quilt I had on display.  I put my fake owl out on the front porch to discourage the critters from enjoying a midnight snack.  They chewed a hole in a quilt then literally sucked out the batting to line their nests.

I will take more pictures today as I finish up.  I didn't get everything quite done, but the lion's share of the task was completed.

When my good friend Kaaren moved away this Summer, she gave me a gorgeous set of nine Shaker Boxes. They are like a set of nested, Russian dolls.  I normally have them on display in a stack, but yesterday I decided to take all of them out of their nest, and put all nine across the mantle.  I have these wonderful, old Halloween characters which belonged to my Grandmother.  I don't know how long she had them, but my guess they are over 70 years old.

They are perfect atop the boxes.

Their faces are hand-painted.  Isn't she frightful?

This character has to have the original Princess Leah hair style!  But my little princess isn't packing "heat".

I finally stopped working late afternoon, and then got ready to go to dinner and music on the deck at our homeowner's association.  This is the same location where I have my retreats.

It was a wonderful evening under the moon and stars.  The entertainer was Grover Anderson from Murphys.  He's a local singer/songwriter, and his popularity is gaining momentum.  He has a very enjoyable voice, and really connected with the audience in this intimate setting.

It was a perfect day.  If you look closely at the wine glass, you will see the reflection of the Porta-Loo in the background by the tennis courts.  Just keeping it real here folks!



  1. Hi Lynn,
    Put some mothballs around the quilt. That will discourage the critters!

  2. Love the fall quilt and those Halloween figurines from your Grandmother are amazing. Good luck on keeping the critters away from your quilt. Fall is my favorite time of year to decorate, thanks for sharing what you put out.

  3. Lynn, as always your cabin decor is magazine worthy, and I'm honored to make a contribution. I just knew those Shaker boxes were going to a great home! I love your blog, and read every word....and I miss you.