Sunday, February 13, 2022

Olympic Quilting Country Sampler

 Hello Everyone,

I've been doing some Olympic quilting this week as I prepare for the retreat for Pieceful Gathering Quilt Shop in Fox River Grove, Illinois in March.  I'll be teaching my Country Sampler quilt which incorporates a lot of the quilting components from my Patchwork Math book.

It is my understanding the shop still has a couple of openings for the retreat.  Click HERE for the information about the retreat.  They are also putting bundles together using Kansas Troubles fabric.  Click HERE if you are interested in a kit.  You can purchase a kit even if you aren't attending the retreat.

When I finished the first version of the quilt, we took Country Sampler out to the country for a photoshoot.

Since Covid, I haven't been in a classroom, so I thought I need to brush off my teaching skills and remake this quilt using Rose fabric by Jo Morton.  All of the blocks are made and securely adhered to their block layout sheet.

The pattern includes a full-sized block layout sheet for each block.

I adhere the components to the block layout sheet with a Sewline glue stick.

I'll pack up the blocks and put them in the bottom of my suitcase for transport to the retreat.  My suitcase had better arrive with me or else I'll be making shadow puppets in from of the projector!

I'll get busy and make the sashing just as soon as my fabric arrives.

I really had fun making this quilt again. 

I bought this Wooly Presser Bar, and it has become my new go-to pressing bar and quilting clapper.  It is the best for pressing all of my little seams on the wool, then I put them under the wooden clapper to set the seams.  I bought mine at Pieceful Gathering during their online FaceBook presentation. It makes so much difference to have good tools that you use constantly to aid you in your quilting.  It's worth the investment.

The Country Sampler quilt pattern in available in my Etsy shop HERE.  It's a BIG pattern filled with cutting charts in full color and 9 full-sized block layout sheets.  

I'm going to do some marathon ironing and fabric organization during the Super Bowl.  I have a hard time just sitting and watching TV.  I have to be doing something to make maximum use of my time.  

I looked up the definition of "time".  This is what I found and is something to think about.

Time - the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole.

So, I will be involved in my continued progress of existence at the ironing board during the game.  Now doesn't that sound exciting!!!!



  1. Great quilt to teach. Love The fabrics... You'll have a blast teaching this class. Hope you'll have some time to sightsee?

    1. I'm going a couple of days early to see the area. It should be fun and hopefully not too cold!

  2. I bought a kit this week. Thinking it’s the next best thing to being at the retreat! The owners were super nice and helpful. I’m excited for you, Gail and all the attendees.

    1. The people at the Pieceful Gathering shop are so nice. I'm sure you will love your kit when it arrives. I'm looking forward to spending time at the retreat with them and all of the other quilters.

  3. If they lose the suitcase, use PowerPoint with these photos. But they better not lose that suitcase!