Thursday, March 9, 2023

A Neighborhood of Calico Cottages

 Hello Everyone,

My post today is totally dedicated to my Calico Cottages pattern the quilters constructed at the Pieceful Gathering quilt retreat last week.  I'll warn you now the little cottages become addicting.

The little cottages with the scrappy frame started popping up all around the room.  Instead of hammers and nails, the girls were building their neighborhoods with sewing machines and thread. 

The dark background also makes an interesting cottage asleep in the night.

Cindy put a woman's face in the center of her window.  The possibilities are endless.

Here's Sandy with her precious block.  The pattern for Calico Cottages is available HERE in my Etsy shop.

I had an interesting and l-o-n-g trip back from Chicago.  Kristi, Debbie, Gail and I got an early start and arrived at the airport with hours to spare.  We had enough time to enjoy coffee, and then later on a Chicago hot dog complete with fluorescent green relish. I'm sure our insides were glowing in the dark after we devoured our hotdog.

United started to load our plane for the scheduled takeoff and immediately made all of the passengers deboard!  The first explanation was that the incoming plane was struck by lightning, and it had to be checked out by the mechanics.  "Thank you for your patience" blared out over the speaker.  Fast forward a half hour, and the announcement was made over the public address system that we could reschedule our flight to a different flight or a different day.......or wait.  So, wait we did for about 6 hours.  We had to wait for a flight to arrive from Florida so we could board.  One of my suitcases landed at our destination in San Francisco well before I did as it was aboard a different flight.  To make a long story short, we made it to San Francisco safe and sound with all baggage accounted for after an overnight stay in the Bay Area.

Now on the Homefront, the snow report.  Mr. Joe worked on the driveway again for the umpteenth time as more snow fell yesterday morning.  These are the steps going up alongside of the garage to our driveway.  Mr. Joe is almost 6' tall, give or take allowing for "shrinkage" over the years!

This morning our goal is to make a pathway through the 6' berm so the propane company can gain access to our propane tank.  We have no idea how empty or full the tank is since we can't see it.  The tank hasn't seen the light of day for a week or more.  Our woodburning stove has been working overtime since we've been lowering the heater as we try to conserve propane. I've thought about playing the 'elder card' and tell the propane company how difficult it is going to be for us to shovel a path to the tank.  We may have to hire someone to do it for us, if we can find someone to do it.

There's a car under there someplace.....guess which lump it is hiding under.

Now, Winter is going to rear its ugly head again as an atmospheric river is bearing down from the southwest with California directly in its path.  We are supposed to receive copious, ridiculous amounts of rain at our elevation.  The gutters along the roadway are totally buried, so where is all that water going to go?  We may have to go down to the public library where sandbags are going to be handed out.  We are thinking about putting the sandbags in front of the garage, so the rain doesn't cascade from the street, down the driveway, right into the garage. 

It is very calm this morning which is a bit scary as I listen to the weather forecast.  And then there's the issue of all of the snow on the roof, which is going to soak up the rain like a sponge.  There's no way we can clear off the roof without it becoming a death wish.  We have about 4' of snow over our heads.

I feel as though Old Man Winter is saying "take that" California!


A soggy Lynn


  1. Oh Lynn, I'm so glad you all made it back safely, but the weather seems to be relentless up there! Stay safe and don't overdo it! More time to stay inside and sew.

  2. Oh my! Good luck.

    1. Thank you! California is going to need all the luck it can get.

  3. You need a snow rake for your roof, just be careful a big load of snow might unload on you.

  4. Well, neighbor, I’m in the same boat! I may have to build a boat! Ha ha! Let’s pray for safety, and an in accurate forecast! Love the little neighborhood from the retreat!

  5. We had someone dig our out For propane a week ago

  6. I was thinking about you last night as we got our paltry 3-4” of snow. Please stay as safe as you are able to. I hope you get your propane tank uncovered and filled up and that your pantry is amply stocked.

  7. I (Sue) probably beat you home even with my 9 hour train ride home! Glad you made it, hopefully the rain isn’t causing more issues for you!

  8. J’aime beaucoup ta courtepointe « Maisons ». Merci pour les explications.

  9. LOVE those little framed houses. Hmmm, framing houses, and no wood, nails, or splinters needed!