Thursday, March 2, 2023

Leaving on a jet plane

 Hello Everyone,

Good morning from Crystal Lake, Chicago.  We took off yesterday morning from San Francisco and immediately headed east over the Sierra Nevada mountains.  There was snow everywhere!

The four of us quilting buddies, Debbie, Kristi, myself, and my sister Gail enjoyed a margarita first thing when we arrived at the hotel.   The flight was a quick 3-1/2 hour non-stop to Chicago.  Toting all of the luggage is such a pain and is exhausting!  I had two suitcases, one with my clothes and one with all of my teaching materials. I also had my computer, overnight bag and backpack purse.  I felt like a packhorse!

Debbie and I both live in the same town of Arnold, CA.  Her neighbors sent her this picture of her home and all of the snow that arrived over the past few days.  Arnold received 78" of snow!  More is predicted this weekend.  Dump trucks are coming to town to haul away all of the snow to help deal with this epic event.  The old-timers in town say this is how winter used to be.

We are off to the Pieceful Gathering quilt shop today.  I'll take pictures.




  1. Even thousands of feet in the air, you still can't get away from the snow! Have a great time,,,,

  2. Hah...Jeanne is spot on! I just can't believe my eyes. Enjoy your "snowless" time, ladies!