Friday, May 5, 2023

Bridle Path

 Hello Everyone,

We've had a very busy week since the retreat ended, and I haven't been good about posting.  The most exciting news is that except for the binding, Bridle Path is finished.

Dianne Schweickert, from Livermore, CA quilted magic into the quilt.  As I'm binding, I keep seeing Dianne's special little touches dancing around the quilt.

She turned the houses into log cabins consistent with the theme of the quilt. I love the three hearts over the door.

The entire quilt is quilted to perfection.  Everything Dianne did enhanced the quilt and made it spectacular!

My goal is to finish up the binding, hanging sleeve, and label then I'll ship this beauty off to New York to be photographed.  Then Bridle Path will start her travels to quilt shops around the United States.  To see my fabric line, Hearthstone come alive in my design, is a dream come true.  When I started on my pattern designing journey in 2008, I could only dream about having a fabric collection. With a lot of hard work, I'm a testament that dreams do come any age.

We had the best time on Saturday in Clements, CA at the Clements Junior Rodeo.  You know the phrase, 'It's not my first rodeo', well it was our grandson's first rodeo with his group of buddies from FFA, Future Farmers of America.  His event is called Chute Doggin.  When he originally started practicing for this, I thought he said Snoop Doggin, and that phrase stuck with me.

When we were visiting him in Livermore several months ago, one of his Snoop Doggin friends was over at the house and the boys were discussing a name for their group.  I suggested 'Horny Hookers' which brought a lot of laughs and snickers from the boys.  They ended up calling themselves 'Hookin' Horns'.

Day one.

Day two.

Over a 2-day period, Jess ranked #3 out of 28 contestants, and ended up in the money by the end of the weekend.  

Unfortunately, we missed his 3.5 second time on Sunday since we were at a winery in Livermore, CA to celebrate our DIL's 50th birthday.  The picture below is Jess' mom and dad.

Winter has returned to the mountains.  We had another dusting of snow earlier in the week and now rain showers are watering the May flowers that never made it up through the snow.  The woodburning stove has been going 24/7 to take the chill off of the cabin.  We were so lucky the weather was so pleasant last week during the retreat.  

I'll be binding today while listening to an audiobook.  It makes the time go faster and gives me a good excuse to sit and stitch and read at the same time.



  1. Oh Lynn... I can't think of anyone else who deserves this success as much as you do. It's been an honor to watch as you went through the amazing process that brought you to this point. Congratulations, my friend!!!! Love you!!

  2. I echo Paula's comments, Lynn! So happy to see you achieve your dream with this gorgeous quilt and fabric line! You deserve this! Congratulations! Love to you always!

  3. Monique D (Belgique)May 7, 2023 at 6:18 AM

    Je me régale à chaque fois que je lis tes articles et que je vois tes ouvrages.

  4. Wow! The quilt is gorgeous!!!! Dianne’s quilting is extraordinary!!! I’m so happy for you. Congratulations on all your successes. Congrats to Jess - what fun for he and his FFA friends. Will they be competing in the Livermore Rodeo? Sending a shout out to Mr Joe.

  5. Dianne is an amazing quilter! Jess will be participating in the Junior Rodeo the weekend after the big Livermore rodeo. It will be fun for him to compete in his hometown. We will be there with bells on!