Friday, May 26, 2023

Quilt Camp

Hello Everyone,

I've been away since Sunday at the Independence Hall Quilt Camp at Zephyr Point Presbyterian Conference Center at Lake Tahoe. I worked on Calico Cottages the entire time and accomplished a lot!

By Thursday I had a nice pile of blocks and sashing completed.

The conference center at Dobbins Halls is an expansive building that easily accommodated 34 quilters.

 Lake Tahoe is a stone's throw away from the balcony.

This is the dining hall.

This is Dobbins Hall.

We would eat in the dining hall, and this walk right over to our glorious Dobbins Hall.

The signs were very plentiful throughout the compound.

The first day at the retreat we were blessed to see an amazing sunset.

The changing colors were mesmerizing and very spiritual, after all, Zephyr Point is a Presbyterian center. 

This was our view of the lake each morning when we walked from our room at 7am to our sewing machines.

The snowpack is going to hang on for a while longer.  This was an added visual to our already overloaded senses.

I walked down the 142 stairs every morning.  Notice I said down.  I don't think my knees could have carried me up the hill.

By the end of the retreat, I'd added considerably more blocks and sashings to my Calico Cottages quilt.  This is just a small sampling of what I could fit on a table.  I'm making this into a queen-sized quilt using my Hearthstone fabric line.

There is a story behind this very joyful group of quilters.  I lined everyone up on the steps leading to the center.  I told them to say the word 'sex' on the count of three.  By the time I said one, it was time to snap the picture!  The funny this was, a man came out of his cabin at a brisk pace to see what all of the commotion and laughter was about.  I could just imagine his thoughts while alone in his cabin.  I'll bet he was saying, thank you Jesus, my prayers have been answered! Thirty-two women hollering sex, at the same time at the top of their lungs!  

I apologize if I offended any Presbyterians.  This story was just too funny not to share.

I met with management of the center to see about arranging a retreat in September/October of 2024.  I'm hopeful that I will be able to secure a reservation and host one of my Sew'n Wild Oaks retreats at this magical spot. 

I look forward to Quilt Camp next May with my guild. It was so much fun getting to know all of you in this beautiful area. You are a delightful, funny, caring and inspirational group of women.




  1. OHHH! What a gorgeous setting! I imagine it was hard to be indoors when such beauty surrounded you! I have been to Lake Tahoe once - for about an hour on a very windy, gray, chilly day - I'd love to go when I could stay and see sunsets and vistas like you have here. Your quilt will be a beauty, naturally, and your friends look like tons of fun! Happy quilting!

    1. Hi Jayne. If I can secure a reservation for 2024, you should think about coming. You could fly into Reno, and it's a one-hour drive to the retreat.

  2. Oh how glorious! I agree, it must have been difficult to stay indoors while in this beautiful setting. Love those little cabins! I can just imagine what that man thought before snapping the photo! LOL.

  3. Oh what a wonderful time!!! I would've loved to just sit and absorb the peace & beauty but I'm sure my sewing machine would have been calling my name too. Lol! I think my knees could manage the up way easier than the down. Between the both of us, we'd have done a full set!

  4. Your pictures are so glorious of Lake Tahoe! All that snow produced something grand. I just need to tell you I am so excited to be signed up for the BOM on your book ladies, name escape for the moment, for next year--even though I promised myself I would buy no new fabric. I couldn't resist. I have been finishing up lots of old BOMs this year so I am allowing myself! Have a great holiday.

  5. Dear Donna. I'm so happy you signed up for the Bridle Path BOM. You will be glad you broke your promise to yourself about not buying any new fabric. I'll be posting tutorials on my blog when the program starts.