Friday, June 30, 2023

Getting Caught Up

 Hello Everyone,

This is the final installment of my trip to Marcus Fabrics in NYC.  

The offices of Timeless Treasures and Marcus Fabrics occupy the entire 4th floor of this beautiful older building.
When you step off the elevator, you enter the reception area and are greeted by a beautiful quilt....of course!

This is the room where we held our meeting to discuss my future lines of fabric. Notice I said LINES of fabric.

I spy with my eye.....the sales literature for Bridle Path.

After our meeting, we had the opportunity to meet the entire Marcus Staff.  It was great putting a face to the name of the ladies who I've been talking with on the phone.  They were all so pleasant, and just as nice as they could be.

We then walked back to our hotel, changed clothes and set off for our hop-on hop-off open air bus tour of Manhattan.  We hopped off the bus so we could walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Ominous storm clouds were gathering and then the thunder and lightning started along with torrential rain.  The middle of the Brooklyn Bridge is not the best place to be during a thunderstorm!

We quickly looked like two drowned rats.

We hopped back on the open-air bus during the storm and continued our trip through Manhattan including Hell's Kitchen, the theater district, and Times Square.  The little red ball in the center of the picture is the ball which drops during the celebration on New Year's Eve.  I couldn't begin to imagine being crammed together like a sardine at New Year's in Times Square!

We got back to our hotel and quickly got ready for dinner with these wonderful 'Ladies of Marcus'.  I had the pleasure of having an interesting conversation with the head graphic artist who I'll be working with closely on my next line.  After meeting everyone, I just want to do more and more for the company and create, create, and create!

In the morning on Thursday, we walked to Katz's deli for a lox and bagel breakfast.  We bought one of their famous pastrami sandwiches to take with us to the airport to snack on before boarding.

This was the location of the infamous scene from Where Harry Met Sally.

We had a fabulous time in NYC.  We crammed as much as we could in the four days we were there. We walked over 30 miles....I would be thin if I lived in Manhattan!  

Many, many thanks to the Marcus Fabric family for this incredible experience.  We made memories to last a lifetime.



  1. Thank you for taking us along on your business trip/vacation. Sounds like a wonderful visit to NYC and so much was accomplished with Marcus.

  2. I cannot imagine how excited you must be with all that your relationship with Marcus promises! It will be exciting for those of us out here to follow your journey and see what amazing fabric designs and related patterns you create. Congratulations my friend!!!

    1. "Anonymous" is my nom de plume!
      Paula B.

  3. great nyc posts...always wanted to spend a week there as an ideal vacation...yes it's definitely a two-legged city...

  4. Thank you for the lovely tour of NYC. Although I was born there it has been many many years since I was back. It was so fun to see many of the sights.