Tuesday, June 6, 2023

I Heard It Through the Pumpkin Vine

 Hello Everyone,

I've been growing more pumpkins over the past couple of days using my Hearthstone fabric collection combined with Lanacot Wool, both by Marcus Fabrics.

I think I may be dreaming that I'm going to take pumpkins with me to New York and get some stitching done in the downtime....if there is going to be a spare minute.

I finished stitching this cutie the other day.  I LOVE working on wool applique!

I have to get serious about packing for the trip. There is just so much to think about and do, and all I want to do is create pumpkins!

I've pretty much decided that my pumpkins will be used in a table runner.  I would love to make an entire wall hanging of pumpkins; however, I don't think that is going to happen.

Our weather has been very interesting this week.  Every afternoon thunderclouds roll in and thunder tumbles and rolls down along the spine of the Sierras.  It's been warm enough to leave the doors open so we can listen to the thunder and smell the occasional drops of rain.  I love the smell of an afternoon shower.  The name for the scent of rain is "petrichor".  Who knew?  I think today our senses will be on overload.



  1. Love love your pumpkins ! Fun stitching to and fro NYC ! So much anticipation so get packed and enjoy the journey 🧵🪡🥰

    1. I would love to stitch in the plane however, it would be like trying to stitch in a sardine can!

  2. You have the BEST pumpkin patch I've ever seen, Lynn! Hugs, Candace

    1. You may be seeing the pumpkins in kits at the August retreat!