Friday, August 27, 2010

My Machine Quilting Space

Hello Everyone,

I received an email from a reader asking me about my machine quilting "space." So after much straightening up, dusting off and overall spring cleaning my machine quilting it is.

I have lots of storage underneath my Handi Quilter for the plastic drawer units available at Target. They hold all my thread, stencils, rulers, and of course lots and lots of kits, patterns and fat quarters. I just breezed through the house and gathered up every quilt that was easy to pick up and put them on the machine rails so I didn't have to sort out the drawers and tidy them up.

I print and collate all of my patterns on the back counter. My computer is directly across from the quilting machine where I'm sitting at this very moment blogging. I always have music playing in the background....ALWAYS. At any given time, you will hear everything from Classical music to Pink Floyd to Country. It all depends on my mood at the time and what my current project is.

One of these days, I'll clean up my actual sewing room and post pictures. But don't hold your breath on that one!

As always,


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