Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sallie's Quilt is finished!

Hello Everyone,

I love football season! It gives me a good excuse to sit down during the day and do some applique, work on bindings or apply a hanging sleeve to the back of a quilt. Today I finally finished up all of the hand work on Sallie's feels so good to put a completed check mark by this project on my list.

I've just got to share with you a fabulous new "tool"....or better yet a very convenient way to effortlessly finish up your hanging sleeve so you can hang up your quilt, and step back to enjoy the fruit of your labor. Check out the Quilters Hangup. I went all through school in Paradise, California with the inventor of this wonderful product which doesn't make me too biased, but it's fun to say you know the inventor, Terri. She sent me a Quilters Hangup and I'm hooked on the Hangup!I put every table leaf I own in the kitchen table and spread out the quilt. (So much easier than working on the floor.)

You lay out the Quilters Hangup, cut it to the desired length, follow the clear and concise directions and you are ready to display your quilt. (After you sew it on during the 49er pre-season football game!) The Hangup has a patented design that allows the quilt to hang flat. Other than the fact the quilt is too big to hang up in my entry hall and bunches up on the stairs, I love the way it hangs.

Once Sallie's quilt is finished hanging up in the shop, I plan on removing the sleeve to use again on another quilt.....while Sallie retires to grace the bed at the cabin. The Quilters Hangup comes in a 3 yards length, so you have lots to work with and it also comes in black.

Thank you for sending me the sample Terri. You made my day so much easier and I really appreciate it.

As always,

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  1. Sallies quilt is beautiful. Thank you for sharing the sleeve. If it makes putting a sleeve on easier I'm all for it. See you next week.