Friday, August 13, 2010

Life Gets in the Way of Quilting

Hello Everyone,

I'm sorry for not posting very often over the past couple of weeks. Life gets so busy with visitors, wedding and birthday celebrations, and just everyday living and maintaining the house and the cabin. But I did manage to quilt ALL DAY yesterday....what a treat to be able to devote an entire day to nothing but quilting.

I worked on Summer's Blush, my newest design that I'm trying to complete before the next big quilt show.

It's over halfway completed thanks to the time spent yesterday.
There are many different elements to this quilt. You have the pinwheels in the center surrounded by the star points. The fabric by Fig Tree & Co. is an absolute joy! The different lines work so well together.

There's the sashing that just sets the blocks off nicely.

....and then there are the adorable little hexagon flowers. While sitting out on the deck yesterday afternoon making these little gems, I was listening to all of the birds that gather around the bird feeder. Instead of just listening, I was hearing an avian Morse code. I wish I could crack their code and know just what they were discussing with their families and friends.

Another element to the quilt is the red flange around the setting and corner triangles. Just that small little touch of color adds so much to the overall design.

This is turning into a nice lap-size quilt. I also think that I'm going to put it on the kitchen table for a cheerful summer "look." Or I'll put it on the back of a couch to use on a cool summer evening.

I love the flanges.
As a budding, quilt designer, my quilting bible is Setting Solutions by Sharyn Craig. This book is full of useful information. I've read it from cover to cover just like a novel. It's a good read.

Back to the city tonight after dinner. Joe is busy working in his wood shop and I have uninterrupted quilting to do! I have to make 21 more hexagon flowers which take me one hour do the math!

As always,

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  1. That quilt is beautiful, I love how you've arranged the stars, and oh those hexagons, very nice!