Sunday, August 21, 2011

Another Quilt Top is Finished!!

Hello Everyone,

Version #2 of Party in the Garden is now ready for the quilting machine.  I finished the four, 6-1/2"corner baskets then started in on the borders.  The half-square triangles finish at 1/2".....pretty tiny but oh so cute!

Here is the quilt in all its glory!  I'll be so anxious to get going on the quilting, but I don't want to load it on the machine and just have it sit.  I think it would be rude of me to escape to the quilting room while my company from North Carolina is here.  So, it will just have to wait until after the Labor Day holiday.

I think a lot of you have voted in the Quilting Bloggers contest, and I thank you all.  But if you haven't voted, please click HERE and vote for your favorite quilt. Don't make me grovel folks.....but my Party in the Garden quilt is way behind in the polls.  The polls remain open until you have lots of time to vote!

I hope you all have a perfect Sunday.

As always,



  1. It wouldn't let me vote again, Hope you get more votes you really deserve to win.

  2. Wish we could vote more than once. I hope your quilt climbs right to the top. Love this quilt. Hugs

  3. How could it possibly be behind? It's beautiful.