Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cleaning, Sorting, and Tossing....Oh My!

Hello Everyone,

Company arrives tomorrow...can you feel my elevated heart rate through your computer monitor? Sometimes I think I would never have the WHOLE house cleaned, both upstairs and down, if I didn't have company.  Mr. Joe and I worked on the cabin last week, this week it was time for the house in the suburbs.  Carpets cleaned, check.....mattress flipped, washed, check.......all dust bunnies rounded up and headed out from under the beds.....double check!  The list goes on and on. My only place of refuge is my sewing room, so of course I started there.  I can be working in there all day and not feel like I'm working at all.

I folded, and rearranged this whole pie safe full of goodies.  I found fabrics I don't remember buying.  What fun to discover new things that I didn't know I had.  That in itself is a good reason to reorganize and sort through your stash.

While I was sorting, I found these blocks from Vintage Valentine by Verna Mosquera.  This is my second applique project that I started.  It is a UFO for the time being.  Some day when I retire for real, I'll finish this beautiful quilt.  You can tell that I loved plaids, stripes and checks from the very beginning of my life as a quilter.  Somethings just never change.

Head on over to Hazel's and enter her contest to win an autographed copy of Pick Four by Sue Abrey.  Hazel is a delightful writer and you will enjoy her review of Sue's book.  Pull up a chair, pour a cup of tea and enjoy.

My break time is over.  Today is menu planning and grocery shopping.  I wish you could all be here and at the cabin with my cousin from North Carolina and my sister. Hopefully my cousin will fly out  before the hurricane arrives.  The food is going to be excellent, the conversation will be full of laughter and we will be in a spotless house/cabin!!! 

As always,



  1. I wanna come too. Have you got room for a little one (ha, ha) both at the cabin and your other house? Then I can enjoy the good company, good food, good conversation. Then, when you're not looking I can dive into your stash of delicious looking fabrics.

  2. Ditto for me!
    I agree with QuiltSue. WE could both help you fold and stash your fabrics. One for the cabinet, one for us!

  3. Your applique heart blocks are so pretty! I think it's time to finish that one. But I know, so many quilts and so little time.

  4. Thank you for sending your lovely readers over to read my review of Pick Four, Lynn! I look forward to your post next week.

    You are so busy at the moment - but you sound like you will be having a ball with your guests! I'm with Sue & Brandie - if we can distract you long enough, perhaps we can have a rummage through your stash!

  5. Love your heart blocks! I really love the mailboxes in your new post also! Cute ideas. I am loving the book tour also:)