Monday, August 29, 2011

Yo Yo Quilt

Hello Everyone,

This is one quilt that I can work on while company is around.....the yo yo quilt. This is a fun, mindless project that doesn't require the precision of an appliqued quilt.  I need to make sixty-four of these blocks.

I have over half of them completed.  I think I'll start sewing them together in groups of four.  First you make the yo yo's then you applique them on to the block.

I just keep making yo yo after yo yo and have a nice little pile to put together on a little hour glass block.  This quilt is going to be unlike any quilt I've made in the past and I'm so anxious to see it come together.

The blog hop continues at Darlene's today.  Head on over and enter her contest to win PICK FOUR by Sue Abrey.

We are off to Calaveras Big Trees State Park today for a hike and a picnic.  My cousin is going to kill me with all of our hikes.  If she lived closer I would be in much better shape!  We've been walking four to five miles a day along the scenic mountain trails.  Today's walk is a little more my speed....only three miles.  Wish me luck!

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