Monday, February 13, 2012

Quilt Show in Folsom, California

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday, Mr. Joe and I played hookie and headed to Folsom, California for the Tides of Time quilt show sponsored by the Folsom Quilt Guild.  I wanted to go see some of my quilts that were on display with three different vendors.

First up is Madrigal, made by Cherie, the owner of Quilts in the Attic in Cottonwood, California.  Cherie made the center applique section in wool. Gorgeous!  Cherie also does all of her own machine motion.....even the feathered wreaths.

The shop specializes in reproduction fabrics.  I've always wanted to see how this pattern would look in reproduction fabrics, and I was certainly not disappointed!

Kits for this quilt are available by clicking HERE.  The kit isn't on their website just yet, but if you talk with Cherie or Rob, just ask for a Madrigal kit and tell them Lynn sent you.

Then I went to visit Mary Jane at The Christmas Shoppe. Seeing my quilts on display is like going to visit my children.  I'm such a proud Mom!  While taking pictures in the booth, I was asked to autograph a pattern by Sheila.  This is the second time I've been asked for an autograph, and it is pretty exciting.   Sheila and I are now BFF's!!

Country Charmer was also in The Christmas Shoppe booth.  The best news is that the patterns almost sold out of both designs!  I'm just blown away by the whole experience.  Mary Jane had a wonderful selection of red and green fabrics to make this quilt and I'm sure they helped pattern sales.  I bought some checks and plaids....of course!  I also bought some adorable buttons that you will be seeing soon.  Mary Jane has a great website filled with lots of goodies!

Last but not least, is my original Madrigal, on prominent display in The Quilt House booth.  She looked so regal in her beautiful display.  Janet, the owner of The Quilt House in Gardnerville, Nevada always has an attractive booth and Madrigal will be traveling with her for the next several months.

It was fun to just take a step back, and watch people look at my quilts.  I felt like I was eavesdropping, but I just couldn't help it!

Back to work today at the shop.  It is my Monday to work and see all of the wonderful creations that our customers bring in for sharing.  Tomorrow is the 2nd Tuesday of the month and that is my drop-in class day at the shop. I have a full week of working, teaching and quilting planned.  I hope your week includes quilting too.

As always,



  1. :) They are gorgeous, gorgeous quilts.

  2. I didn't know there was a quilt show in Folsom this weekend! I'm right next to Folsom. That's so fun that you were asked for your autograph. Your quilts look beautiful! Hope you had fun at the show :)

  3. Like the other Jen, I live "in the neighborhood" - and I didn't know their show was this weekend! Bummer! Those pics are amazing - I feel like I missed out! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. I am also a neighbor of Folsom and did not know about the quilt show in :-( Gorgeous quilts !!!

  5. Oh Lynn, how wonderful it must have been to see your creations in such beautiful displays! I love the wool basket on Madrigal! Now that you're being asked for autographs, perhaps quilt tv will be next?

  6. Lynn your quilts all look just fantastic. How exciting it must have been to see them hanging like that and the patterns all selling. A well deserved success, I'm thrilled for you.