Friday, February 17, 2012

Minglewood Month #8

Hello Everyone,

The Minglewood Monday program at In Between Stitches is now on Month #8.  After you make the blocks below, there are just four more blocks left to make before you start on the sashings and nine patches.

This month you will be making another Christmas Star block.  This is one of my favorite block designs in the whole book.

You will also make a King's Crown Squared block.

I have a picture of this block while it was still on the quilting machine so you can see what it looks like when quilted.

The last two blocks are called Aunt Dinah.  These blocks are a piece of cake compared to some of the other blocks you already made.  You'll zip through them in no time at all.

I changed up the placement on this block to make it look like it is spinning in the opposite direction.  I also alternated the lights and darks to really confuse you!

Three additional pieces of fabric were inserted into your package to compensate for a shortage a few of you experienced a couple of months ago. Refer to the insert in the package for the blocks in question.

If you want to see only the Minglewood blocks, scroll down to LABELS on the left-hand side of the blog and click on Minglewood Monday.  Every post in reference to this quilt will show up....which may make your life a little easier if you want to easily find them.

It is friday already.  Where did my week go?  Did someone take a day or two away?  I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend.

As always,


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  1. It never ceases to amaze me how quilting changes a block - not to mention swtiching the lights and darks - what fun, Lynn! Hope you get your lost day back this weekend ;>)