Sunday, February 19, 2012

In The Spirit of Celebration

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday was my special un-60th-birthday. My real birthday is at the very beginning of January and I was partied out from the Holidays and said, "No more parties!"  My sister got together with all the kids and organized a very special day for me. I never had a birthday party in February and I loved it!  I think a new tradition began yesterday.

Everyone knows my passion for plaid.  Have you ever seen a plaid birthday cake?

A plaid cake that matched the napkins, paper plates and plastic tablecloth.

A CD called Forever Plaid.

The food was wonderful, and I'll post a couple of the recipes to the blog later on.  Everyone outdid themselves by making some of our family favorites.  My sister served Neapolitan ice cream with the cake since it was the closest thing she could find to plaid!

Everyone dressed in plaid shirts except for me......I didn't get the plaid memo.  But my cousin brought along an extra plaid shirt for me to wear. 

The absolute highlight of the party was a slide show made by my sister, Gail. (This is the sister that chased me around the backyard holding a pitchfork when we were's a good thing I could run faster!) She spent weeks scanning old photos and organizing them in order to the perfect music.  My grandparents, parents, childhood friends were all present in spirit.  The spirit of celebration.  I shed a few tears while traveling through my life set to music.  My sister created a treasure for me and I loved every minute of it.

During the afternoon, I stepped back a time or two and looked at all the kids, both big and little and our dearest friends, and cousin.......all family.  Family. Little cousins chasing each other around the backyard (without pitchforks), many cooks in the kitchen, friends chatting, all gathered together for ME! A very special day that I will remember always.

I have a book of sayings that my mother gave me years ago that I keep by my computer and turn the page daily.  I smiled when I turned the page yesterday and read, "I do not feel any age yet.  There is no age to the spirit."

As always,



  1. Happy Birthday, Lynn! What fun to have a "plaid" birthday! The quote is perfect, too!

  2. Belated Happy Birthday Lynn, what a great way to celebrate. Yahoo!

  3. Happy Unbirthday, and belated real birthday! I was 65 this past week, so you are still a young'un! Keep that spirit always! You are as amazing as your beautiful designs.

  4. Happy Birthday, Lynn!!!! LOVE the plaid theme. The cake is almost too pretty to eat...almost. :-)

  5. What a wonderful day! I love that plaid cake. I could feel the love from your post. Congrats on a Great day. Wishing you many more!

  6. Happy Belated Birthday Lynn! How perfect to have a plaid party theme for you !

  7. It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday....what fun....your sister and family planned a great day for you. What a blessing it is to have family so close....

  8. Happy Unbirthday and a belated Happy Birthday Lynn! What a blessing to have your family and friends to celebrate YOU!

    This was a very happy post, thank you for sharing!

  9. A perfect birthday! Congratulations!!!

  10. It sounds like you had a wonderful day. Happy UnBirthday to you.

  11. Happy belated birthday! I swear we are sisters..I, too, just adore the plaids! For the last block swap I hosted, I even had people send me plaid shirts as my hostess gift! One even sent me one that she had been wearing the last time we met! LOLOL

  12. Belated birthday wishes, Lynn. I'm so sorry I'm late!!!

    You had a fabulous celebration. :-)