Thursday, February 16, 2012

Drop-In Class is in Session

Hello Everyone,

Last Tuesday, the classroom at In Between Stitches was brimming with activity and creativity.  Eleven women, twelve counting me, gathered together with all of their collective quilting goodies and continued their journey creating heirlooms.

Kay is working on her Party in the Garden quilt.  She did a great job on her little basket which I know isn't easy.  Such a cute section of her quilt is finished....fussing cutting and all.

Tiny little flowers will go on the mailbox block, giving it a 3-D effect.  We won't say how long this flower took Kay to make......mums the word.

Louise is working on her 30's version of the Yo-Yo quilt by Kim Diehl.  So pretty!  The shop has a wonderful selection of 30's fabrics for Louise to select for her quilt.

Carol was my pattern tester for Buttonwood and here is her first block. using the new Prairie Paisley II along with some of the first Prairie Paisley fabric. The pattern passed Carol's expert quilting eye, and is now for sale at the shop.

She is going to introduce some yellow into her baskets which I think is a great idea and is going to be so pretty.  I'll be teaching Buttonwood the first part of March.  Knowing Carol, her quilt will be done by then.

Ruth Ann bought a kit to make The House on Edgewood Lane, and she started cutting into this wonderful pile to make her blocks.  Ruth Ann shopped the sale room for backings for several quilts and she hit the jackpot.

Janice uses little salsa cups to corral her little hexies.  This is just the best idea!

Chris is down to the final two rows on her Scrappy Leaves quilt.  This will be a stunner when it's finished in her rich selection of batiks.

Glenda is the most persistent quilter I've run across since I've been working at the shop.  She cut the final freezer paper pieces for the Blossom of Friendship quilt.  Her baskets are complete and now she is working on the border which is filled with flowers and leaves.

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of pieces which she is appliqueing by hand.

During the month between drop-in classes, Isabelle finished 16 or 17 blocks for Minglewood.  Incredible blocks!  These blocks are addictive and she was making almost one block a day for the past several weeks.

Kaye is putting her Sallie's Quilt together.  Her daughters liked it so much that she is making TWO of them!  Her blocks are finished and now she's putting them together. There are absolutely gorgeous!

Barbara is working on her Minglewood blocks.  The first two blocks are probably some of the most difficult blocks in the book and her blocks are almost finished for month #1.  While working your way through the Minglewood book, your piecing skills keep getting better and better as new techniques are introduced. 

Cindy is working on her hexies for Summer's Blush.  Take a peek at this fussy cutting!

So organized.....all the little squares just waiting to become flower petals.

I was taking some good natured teasing that I should include a bottle of Ibuprofen on my class supply list!  What can I say other than I really like to add little, very little pieces of detail in my quilt designs. I usually teach complex patterns and quilting ideas to stretch everyone outside their comfort zones for a challenge.  The girls were stretching every which way on Tuesday!!  From now on, I think I am going to include a bottle of Ibuprofen on my class supply will be good for a laugh or those quilting growing pains quite common in my classes. 

Stretch your quilting ability today and work through those growing pains.  You'll be glad you did.

As always,


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  1. So many talented ladies, Lynn! I'd say the need for Ibuprofen is worth the results!