Saturday, February 25, 2012

Field Trip to Prairie Queens

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday, Mr. Joe and I took a field trip to Prairie Queens Quilt Shop in San Jose, California.  April, the very pleasant store manager, called and ordered patterns.  They are going to display my original version of Heartfire and I will be teaching the class at their shop.  Whenever possible, I like to go to the shops that carry my patterns so they can put a face to the name.

Prairie Queens have the full line of Rouenneries Deux by French General.  I made the quilt out of the original Rounerreries and both lines are quite similar.

Do these patterns look familiar?

The shop gets a full FIVE THIMBLES from me!  With FIVE being the highest rating.  The space is perfect to house a quilt shop.  High ceilings, large classroom, good lighting and the shelves are filled with a wonderful selection of fabrics.

This wool looked so yummy, I slmost took the plunge into quilting with wool.  I now know where I can go when I'm ready to start a wool project.

I found these great fabrics.  They look so good together....checks, plaids, stripes and polka dots...all my required elements for quilting.

I actually don't venture out to very many quilt shops anymore since I've been working at In Between Stitches.  I have everything I need right at my fingertips when I'm working there every Monday.  It is fun to go out and see what fabrics other shops have to offer. All quilt shops are so unique with their own style, look and feel.

Today would be a good day for you to take a field trip.  Get some new and fresh ideas out in the wonderful world of quilting.

As always,



  1. What a wonderful yummy quilt shop and just look at your patterns & quilt on display ! Thanks for posting pictures , it was just like I was their with you ;-) They are lucky to have you to teach at their quilt shop !

  2. What a great quilt kinda quilt shop!
    I love your quilt, wish I was there to take your class..have fun teaching it.
    Julia ♥

  3. When I first decided that I wanted to really learn to quilt Prairie Queens was where I went and they were so helpful. I got a kit for a quilt that had to be paper pieced and I followed the directions precisely. It turned out great and I haven't stopped quilting since. My stash was built on their fat quarters and yearly sales. I will stop in next time I am in San Jose and see your gorgeous quilt!

  4. Doesn't your quilt look wonderful hanging there? I love the Rouenneries range, the colours are just so gorgeous.