Monday, May 21, 2012

Am I Losing My Mind???

Hello Everyone,

I thought I should try to sew some of the "Y" seams before I got too carried away on this quilt.  It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, but there is absolutely no way to rush through them.  This block is sewn together......all 136 pieces of fabric in ONE 20" block! 

This is the next grouping waiting to be sewn together.

The outside is actually a very dark purple on this block.  This is my favorite one so far.  Just look at all the opportunity I have to add lots and lots of color.  I think the gestation time for this quilt is going to be around two years......or more.  It's going to be a long, sloooowwww birth of an amazing quilt.

This is the biggest, and most ambitious project I've tackled so far when it comes to quilting.  Selecting the fabrics have become a game, and it is the easy and fun part for me.  I've decided to start keeping track of how many fabrics I've used with swatch sheets.  Now I just need to convince my granddaughters that it is fun to cut little swatches and fill in the blanks.  There are 14 different fabrics in each block. By the time I finish, I will try to incorporate over 200 different fabrics.  This is going to be fun! ......I think!

This project is definitely for an advanced quilter, or an intermediate quilter with 'stones'.....if you catch my drift.  Sorry if I've offended anyone, but it's true!

As always,


P.S.  I forgot to calculate the fabrics in the setting squares......add another 50 different fabrics.....give or take a few.  My granddaughters are going to be busy cutting squares for those swatch sheets!


  1. Stones or not, this quilt is going to be a Wonder, yes with a capital "W".

  2. Lynn, what a great job, and I am sure the granddaughters will love helping Grandma with this heirloom. Looking forward to more posts of your progress. Good luck!

  3. Amazing....your quilts are an inspiration to us all. This is gorgeous!!!

  4. It is stunning!! Your fabric choices are wonderful... definitely a fall flavor. Would love to see how you are getting those seams to match so perfectly and the block looks so flat! Do you use spray starch?

  5. You are a brave woman! However, this is going to be a truly beautiful quilt. Patience with the Y seams, I believe they are the reason my 8 pointed star blocks have taken 4 years to make 26 of them!!
    I really love the fabrics you are using, it's going to have a real warmth to it.

  6. The quilt is going to be wonderful, but I wouldn't expect anything else from you! What a good idea to keep a record of the fabrics you use.

  7. So well done and so many pieces!

  8. Mercy, Lynn - even if you have lost your mind(wink), this is one stunning patchwork! Thank goodness your granddaughters can help you cut - but a fantastic project you'll be so proud of! I'll be following this one every step of the way!

  9. That is one to definitely take your time and savor! The colors are just wonderful and I can't wait to see what other combinations you put together!