Saturday, May 26, 2012

Buttonwood is Finished!

Good Morning Everyone,

I only have time for a quick post this morning.  I'm expecting to hear the pitter patter of little 4-year-old feet running down the hallway, wanting to fix a special breakfast with Grammy.  Kids are natural cooks and Jess loves to be in the kitchen.

Yesterday, before the family arrived, I finished Buttonwood.  To add a little whimsy, I have two Lady Bugs buttons flying around the quilt.

I wanted to have this finished and on display for Memorial Day, and I completed it not a moment too soon.

Mr. Joe made the snowshoe lamp for me by the side of the bed.  I saw one in a magazine that cost a gazillion dollars, and he said, "I can do that."

The storm announced itself with the crackle of thunder rolling across the mountains, and rain, and hail, and then the snow started falling.  My clematis wasn't expecting her blossom to fill with hail.

No picnic lunch for us on the deck yesterday.

This is my view from the dining room where I set up my quilting shop.  I didn't get much done as I was too busy looking out the window, trying to convince myself that it's May, the official beginning of summer.  I was working on the pesky "Y" seams.

We'll try to get a hike in today between storm clouds. I'm still trying to work off the calories from the beer can chicken and bacon!

As always,



  1. Buttonwood is beautiful and I love the lady bugs. There is a beautiful park in a nearby city named Buttonwood and it also has a zoo. It's the perfect name for a charming quilt design. Happy Memorial Day.

  2. Oh, that turned out darling!! Now I want one! lol I have to stop reading your blog so my list of "have to makes" stops growing!!!! Enjoy the family time this holiday weekend!!

  3. Congratulations on another beautiful finish, Lynn! The hanger for it is ingenious, as is Mr. Joe's lamp! I can't believe your sewing "backdrop"! Hope the Clematis survives! Remember to drop bacon bits along the snowy trail so you can find your way home ;>)

  4. Snow? It's May, and here the temps are in the 80s. The weather's gone mad this year I reckon.