Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Become a Diamond

Hello Everyone,

Having been on the go for the last week, it is hard to get back to normal and dig in again with my quilting.  We had some wonderful adventures with our company, and look forward to seeing them again.

The only project that "spoke" to me yesterday was Eldon, by Edyta Sitar.  I started cutting up 1-1/4" and 1" strips of fabric that turned into this block.

The story behind the Eldon quilt is HERE.  It is a heartwarming story.  If Eldon can overcome huge odds, I can sew a "Y" seam!  I have not tackled a "Y" seam in my whole quilting career.  By the time this quilt is finished, I hope to become an expert.

If you start this quilt, I highly recommend that you purchase the two templates which help with the construction.  You begin by making an 8-point star.

Then you make eight 4-1/2" log cabins.

I haven't sewn any of the cabins to the star yet.  I'm still practicing my "Y".....Why, because I need to.

This quilt is a real scrapper, just like Eldon.  I can throw in everything but the kitchen sink into this quilt.  I love to combine the different colors to see what works and what doesn't work.  I also think this quilt would look fabulous using batiks. 

When I get tired of working on other quilts, I'll return to Eldon and make more stars.  I love this quote in the article about Eldon. 

“When you are confronted with trials and pressures, you can either break or be like a diamond."
 I've received many emails over the past week and I promise I'll answer them this week.  Some of you are facing many hardships and tough times.  My wish for you is to become a may be a diamond in the rough.....but become a diamond and let your life sparkle.

As always,



  1. What a wonderful story. Your stars look great, and you will certainly become a Y-seam expert with this quilt.

  2. Very pretty! This is going to be another stunning quilt.

  3. Lynn, thanks for sharing such a wonderful story. I love Editya Sitar's work, and your version of Eldon will be beautiful. I look forward to future posts as you continue on this quilt. Good luck!

  4. What a great story....and I love your star.....

    I enjoyed the travel log.....I'm sure your friends had a wonderful time.....

  5. What a inspiring story to go with this mesmerizing quilt