Thursday, May 24, 2012


Hello Everyone,

Yesterday I got the last border and the nine-patches made for the corners on Country Charmer. Lately, I've been working so sporadically on this quilt. I knew I would finish it by Christmas....but Christmas of what year?

I changed the corner nine-patches up a bit from the first time that I made this quilt.  I used the lighter red, so they wouldn't get lost in the border.  I love to drape quilts over this old sled.  Just a perfect way to re-purpose a non-functional sled.

I'm also going to change the way I quilt the borders on this one.  I have my sketches drawn, now I just have to transfer my ideas to the quilting machine.

Nothing goes to waste.  I had some strip sets left from the nine-patches, so I incorporated them into the backing.  The center is a light green check, the lighter fabric is leftover from the front background, and the greens are leftovers from the blocks.

I just listened to the weather report, and there's a chance of rain here on Friday and Saturday! Even a slight possibility of snow....snow??  This is May isn't it?  I need to get my raking done and piles of pine needles picked up before the rain begins.  I have to sign off now and start my day.  I hope you all enjoy your Thursday.  You want to rake some pine needles?

As always,



  1. It's a real beauty, Lynn.

    Snow? Really, snow?????

  2. I do not want to rake up pine needles. Wouldn't mind smelling them though. Your quilt is another beauty and I will enjoy seeing your quilting as it develops. :-D

  3. I really love those 9-patch on the corners. Sew simply, but great impact. Another beauty!

  4. I could not believe it myself when I read we would be getting rain this weekend and snow in the higher elevations. I hope not my neighbor across the street is having a outdoor wedding Saturday.

    Oh how I love this quilt ! I need to finish what I am working on before I start this one .

  5. Beautiful... absolutely beautiful! I love your post about Angels Camp too:) Thanks for today's eye candy!

  6. Love how those 3 9-patches carry your eye right to the edge of the quilt, Lynn! Great backing, too! Hey - Mr Squash and I will be right over to help with the raking as long as there are one of those terrific Wilder dinners we hear so much about to follow! Sounds like S'mores over the inside fire with the rain and snow prediction!

  7. Snow! well that quilt will go perfect with snow since it looks like a Christmas quilt. I love it.

  8. Enjoy your winter wonderland in your cosy surroundings! The quilt is sensational and looks terrific over the sled.

  9. The borders are perfect!! This quilt is a stunner!! LOVE IT!!