Sunday, March 2, 2014

3D Noughts and Crosses Class is in Session

Hello Everyone,

Class yesterday at In Between Stitches was a huge success!  The girls got so much done, Gail and I were amazed.  The women were quilting machines!

Jan is making a smaller version of the quilt by cutting the block size down.  The vivid colors she selected created a very striking design.

When you make this quilt you have to be organized.  Jan has all of her blocks made for 1/4 of the quilt and they are labelled and stacked in neat little piles.

Susan selected four gorgeous, rich batiks to create a more subtle, yet very stunning pattern.

Darlene made ALL of her blocks for the entire quilt in beautiful, Spring-like colors. Very shabby chic and elegant.

Annette finished ALL of her blocks for her quilt too!  She also started sewing them together.  It was amazing how fast the girls were sewing, AND they can banter with each other the whole time.  Multi-tasking is the name of the game.

Shelly is making a wonderful, masculine quilt for her son.  He is going to enjoy wrapping himself up in his mother's love.

Lorraine also started stitching her blocks together for the first 1/4 of the quilt.  Her fabrics were so beautiful and really showcased the texture in the fabrics.

Donna and Allie were making the quilt together.  Allie is brand new to quilting and Donna is helping her along her quilting journey.  It is so nice to have a friend to sew with.  Allie came to the quilt shop with Donna and saw Gail's version of the quilt. She instantly knew that was the quilt she wanted to make.  I think she has excellent taste in quilts!

Table number one came prepared with treats.  Chocolate and salty pretzels....what more could a girl want?

Here's a peek at half of the classroom with the blocks decorating the walls.

All I can say is what a fun day we all had!  Most of this group was new to me, and they were absolutely delightful!  They were so productive, so much fun, and they were good sports and great quilters. 

The Sister Act is going to take our show on the road for a repeat performance of 3D Noughts and Crosses.  Thank you Quilt Sue for designing such a great pattern.  I have a feeling the girls will be making more of your designs from your Pick Four book.

Lynn & Gail


  1. Be still my heart...I think I'll get my sweetly autographed copy of Pick Four out while I finish my morning foo-foo coffee!

  2. There are some wonderful designs in that book!!
    So much fun to see the pattern in so many different color combinations!!

  3. How fun to see every one's choices of color and fabric. I hate to admit it, but I have one of the 'hot off the presses' and signed copies from Sue and have never used it. It needs to be my next Book It project.

  4. Everyone's quilts are all all unique and different ! Just Gorgeous!

  5. Very nice to see all the variations. It is amazing what a difference fabric choices make in the final look.

  6. Your students really chose their fabrics well! Love each combination!

  7. Sue sure knew what she was doing when she designed this quilt! I'm amazed at how different and delightful each one looks! She needs to come back and be part of the sister act!

  8. Oh I LOVE how different each one looks and I'm glad this isn't a competition where I have to choose my favourite. Thank you both for deciding to teach this quilt, and thank you too, to all the students who've done such a great job of making it.

  9. Really nice blocks. I especially like the red, blue and gray ones.