Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sew'n Wild Oaks Class is in Session

Hello Everyone,
Life is finally returning to normal after my flurry of activity over the past few weeks.  The enormous pile of quilts, patterns, product, booth props and stands are packed away returned to their proper places and I can finally see my living room floor.
The 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month are when the Sew'n Wild Oaks girls get together at In Between Stitches. Karen is working on her flowers for Madrigal.  There is a link to the flower tutorial HERE which I posted several years ago.  They are fun little flowers to make, and they give the centerpiece added dimension.

Karen is adding mixing in appliqued flowers along with the 3-D variety.  It is going to be a beautiful, full basket when she's finished.  I am teaching Madrigal at Ladybug's quilt shop in Manteca on April 5th. It is going to be a fun class which will include lessons on applique, these cute little flowers, and block construction.

Then I have my basket girls, Barbara, Kaye and Gail.  There were cute little baskets in the making, decorating the design wall all around the room.

Every pattern in For the Love of Baskets contains a block layout sheet so the girls can layout their parts and pieces to see how they like the arrangement of color.


Then I have my Harvest of Hope girls, Irene, Evelynne and Isabelle working on barns and acorns.  They are going to have their barns raised, and completed just in time for fall.

Carol, Cindy, Marti and Vivian, next time I will include pictures of your projects.....what was I thinking forgetting to take pictures of your work! I'm not hitting on all cylinders yet after my busy week! 
I'll be pattern writing and speech writing the rest of this week and next week.  I'm speaking at the quilt guild in Paradise the middle of April at the meeting of the Ridge Quilters Guild.  I'll be teaching a workshop on Patchwork Math the day after the talk.  So, there are many more busy days ahead as my schedule is starting to fill up with activities. I think I need an administrator to keep track of me and my schedule.  I also think I need a nap!


  1. And a well-earned nap it is, Lynn!!! Beautiful work from the Sew'n Wild Oaks girls :D

  2. I really enjoy watching what the girls are working on :-D Hope you are able to get a little RR this week .

  3. Can I apply for the administrator's job?

  4. Another wonderful class! Love seeing the baskets come together!

  5. I've got my calendar marked and I'm looking forward to meeting you and learning to be a better piecer!