Tuesday, March 11, 2014

It Was a Great Day for Quilts

Hello Everyone,
I love it when our customer's, our friends, bring in their quilts so we can see them finished or at the flimsy stage.  My last two workdays at the shop have been full of eye candy for me.
Chris finished her Country Charmer and it's now ready for the binding.  Well done!
Chris is a finisher.  She stuck with it and now she's going to have a beautiful quilt for Christmas.

Mary brought in all of the finished parts and pieces for The House on Edgewood Lane and I helped her pick out border and setting fabric.  I know Mary will bring it in for me to see when it's finished.  I can't wait!

Denise took my Heartfire class just last month and she has her flimsy finished.  I love her color palette. 

It is so much fun for me to see the end results from classes I've taught or the patterns I've designed.  It is also just the best feeling to see our friends achieve a great sense of accomplishment.  Great job by everyone!  You made my day.

I'm off to In Between Stitches this morning to spend the day with my Sew'n Wild Oaks girls.  I'm anxious to see their projects.  I know I'm going to be blown away when I see their creativity.



  1. I enjoy seeing finishes of Country Charmer, and I do love the color choices for Heartfire as well.

  2. What lovely eye candy you always have to share. Yes, the Hearfire in that color hue is just so soft and inviting.

  3. Your students do you proud - beautiful work, and so fast!

  4. How fun to see everyones finished quilts ! I love my Country Charmer Quilt !!

  5. Wonderful work from your students.

  6. What beautiful projects! Love that Country Charmer in all it's beauty, those gorgeous fabrics in the House quilt, and Heartfire is adorable in those colours!

  7. Oh Wow - what beauties! They are all so lovely but I do like the Christmas quilt. Stunning!

  8. Love them all. It's so much fun to see other people's fabric and colour choices too.