Monday, December 22, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

Hello Everyone,

I was contacted by Jayne last week about participating in an around the world blog hop.  I said "yes" completely forgetting about extra work days last week, potential jury duty, a visit from Santa with 17 people for dinner last Friday....and Christmas Day looming on the horizon.  Jayne emailed me a list of questions to answer and I've been thinking about them all week.  Some are easier than others, so I'll begin with the easiest question first.

What are you working on now?

Like a lot of quilters, I suffer from, "Can't wait to start a new project syndrome."  I started seeing so many Lucy Boston's Patchwork of the Crosses blocks on Pinterest and just had to try one.  Just like Lays potato can't make just one!  This is the first one I cut out, and I have another one waiting in the wings.  I'm using only Marcus fabrics since they lend themselves to my style and the style of the quilt.

I'm also working on my Lil' Orphan Scrappy quilt.  I can make these blocks in my sleep and I love them.  I love the subtle look of the quilt.  I love everything about this quilt and I enjoy working on it.

Again, I'm using only Marcus fabrics in the blocks.  Old collections combined with new collections work beautifully together.

I am also finishing up my Country Corners quilt.  I just have a few more blocks to make, then I can start sewing this quilt together and decide what to do with the borders.

Then there's Grammy Squares.  I just have to make some little hexagon flowers for the bottom right hand corner, quilt it, and it's done.....except for the pattern writing.

As you can see, I'm not lacking for projects.  I love working on each and every one of them.  The hardest thing is deciding which one I want to work on.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

This question made me think a lot.  I'm not used to thinking......I just do it!  For starters, none of my quilts can be made in a weekend.....or a week....quite possibly a month.  My designs have a huge amount of detail.  I love to combine many different kinds of quilting techniques in my designs.  From English Paper Piecing to embroidery.  And then there are my signature flanges or is it flangii???

I add a flange because it gives me another opportunity to add more colors.

My flanges are almost always plaids, checks or stripes.


Another thing that sets me apart from other quilters is the fact that I design, make, machine quilt, photograph, and write all of my own patterns. I'm responsible for the whole process from beginning to end.  I design with the end quilting in mind. 

There are times when it is so tempting to pass the quilt off to be machine quilted to someone else......but I can't bring myself to do it.

It would make it hard for me to justify having a 12' machine to use as a storage or work table.

I actually love to machine quilt once the quilt is loaded on the machine.

Why do I create?
I started down my quilting journey when I stumbled upon Lynette Jensen and her Thimbleberries designs.  I wanted my home to look exactly like her home.  I loved her style.  I knew I could make her quilts even though I had never made a quilt in my life.  I bought every book she wrote and hung on every word.  I bought yards, and yards of her fabrics.  She totally inspired me to start quilting. Now I have my own version of a Thimbleberrie home.
Creating and designing makes me happy.  When I design quilts, I'm actually designing my life and surroundings.  I take great pleasure looking around my home at everything I've made.  I also LOVE to teach quilt classes and watch quilters make my designs.  That is the ultimate compliment and it keeps me designing.
I love every aspect of quilting from beginning to end......except for putting on the borders......BORING!  I love being around quilters.  Quilters are caring, supportive, generous and kind.  I love spending time in the classroom with my "girls"!  I love quilting retreats,  quilt shops, touching fabric and organizing fabric.  It is all part of the creative process.
How does my process work?
My process is quite random.  I have my idea book that I'm constantly writing in.  Ideas just seems to take shape....some easier than others.  Once I start working on a quilt, the end design sometimes doesn't remotely resemble what I had in mind.  The process is fluid, and I'm always changing things around on the design wall.  A block here, and a block there and before you know it a quilt is born.
I like to take pictures of my blocks and import them into PowerPoint and play around with the design. I'm always drawing new designs.  Most of them never make it to the design wall. The majority of my designs remain in the book.
If a certain quilt design element really works for me in a pattern, I will reuse it in another pattern.  This helps establish my own personal style and consistency in my designs for the same look and feel.
I learn something new with every quilt.  Sometimes the things I learn are about myself.  I always knew I was a detail orientated person, but quilting brings that out in me to the nines!  I'm constantly adding more detail, and more color.  I know, I know, it must be a sickness.  A sickness I will never recuperate from, but I can certainly live with it!  Maybe, just maybe I'll pass on my illness to others!


  1. Oh Lynn, what a wonderful post! I live you Lil Orphan quilt - might have to make one myself! I, too, have a gazillion Thimbleberries books, and have made many of her patterns. So nice getting to know you better!

  2. Hello Lynn,
    Thank you for telling us about you. I did the "Around the World Blog Hop" a couple month ago,too.
    I need to tell you I just love the way you are quilting. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing.
    I wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a very good and healthy new year 2015.
    :o) Doris

  3. I enjoyed reading about your process. The detail you put into your quilts give them such depth.

  4. Dear Lynn, I sincerely hope that this is one "sickness" from which you never recover! May it always be infectious and hopefully, for all our sake, there will never be a cure or a vaccine to prevent others from catching it!! Merry Christmas my friend! Paula

  5. I am also fascinated by all those Lucy Bostons I see and love how color and motif selection changes them up.
    Let me just place my order now...I would like my copy of Grammy Squares to arrive Hot Off The Presses!

  6. Great post, Lynn! A real "in depth" look into how you arrive at your beautiful designs and your stunning heirloom quilts!

  7. You put me to shame with your energy. I really love your work and admire your energy. I definitely need to get my behind in gear. Have a happy holiday. Look forward to your episode on THE QUILT SHOW.

  8. I loved reading your post Lynn. How fun to hear how you started quilting!! And I loved all the pictures too! :-) And personally, I like your style better than Thimbleberries: it's lighter and brighter and just warm!! Have a wonderful Christmas! Hugs, Helen

  9. Your creativity has no end, Lynn! How nice to hear some of the in-depth background to your glorious creations! I hope your "well" never runs dry!

  10. How lovely to see some of your quilts in close up again.

  11. This is a fun post, and one of the things I really like about following you is that you do everything yourself. You're the full-package artist instead of just a dabbler using other people to complete your ideas. :D

  12. So many amazing projects and! It was fun to read about you and visit your blog!

  13. Your quilts are so beautiful and detailed. Thanks for sharing your creative process.