Friday, December 19, 2014

Dumpster Diving

Hello Everyone,
Just checking in to let you know all is well in Sew'n Wild Oaks land.....just busy like you!  Our guest rooms will be in use over Christmas, so I had to get all of the quilts off one of the beds.  When the quilts come back from touring around to quilt shops, I layer them like cord wood on one of the guest beds.  Unless my sister wants to be like the Princess and the Pea.....I had to move the I did.

The title of this post is dumpster diving, and that's where we got this piece of furniture.  It was in a neighbor's side yard out in the elements until we rescued and repurposed it.  Originally when I was thinking about opening a quilt shop, I thought it would be a good store prop.  Well, I did not open a shop, and this piece of furniture somehow made it upstairs into our bedroom. 

This old hanger is from the International Hotel at the Los Angeles Airport.  I don't know how this found its way to our house....but it did.  Rumor has it, according to my aunt, the quilt hanging on the hanger was illegally procured by my paternal grandmother.  She somehow rigged a drawing at her church social!  Not too Christian if you ask me.  I think we are beyond the statute of limitations, so the quilt is staying put right where it is.

I love the carvings in this piece.  I just can't imagine putting a beautiful piece of furniture like this out in our side yard.  I'm always saying, "use what you have."  Look around your houses and put furniture to work to display your quilts.  Get them out of the closets and use them, display them, and enjoy them.

My granddaughter Emily, is headed over to help me prepare for the 17 people coming for dinner tonight.  Our annual visit from Santa is this evening, and Grammy can use some help!  Not to mention it is going to be good, quality time with one of the little kids.  I've made Emily's list and she is going to be checking it twice!  Enjoy your day.



  1. You have the BEST Christmas EVER...and all the best!

  2. I think it was Diane Phalen who did a water color painting of a stack of quilts similar to what you see in your cabinet. And a quilt pattern that was a doozy to make.

  3. You should know, Lynn, that I AM the Princess and the Pea :>) Never worry about too many quilts on my bed! Someone's junk is now your wonderful treasure - I would proudly dumpster dive for that! If you find our your grandmothers method of rigging quilt raffles, let me know...I promise I won't tell. Here's hoping the laughter and good food is in abundance this evening!

  4. Hello Lynn,

    What a lovely restoration you did on the cupboard.Loved seeing the sunflower peeking out to the light. Enjoy the Christmas celebrations.

    Merry Christmas and all the best for the festive season.
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog throughout the year.

    Happy days.

  5. I can't imagine throwing out something as beautiful as this cabinet which really looks wonderful holding your beautiful quilts . Merry Christmas to you and your family .