Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Marcus Medley

Hello Everyone,
I haven't touched my sewing machine for days......until yesterday, and this is what I made.
I gathered only Marcus Fabrics together in one place and started creating.  I wasn't surprised that I had so many fat quarters and half yards.  I searched through every drawer, bin and cupboard, and now I have all of my Marcus fabrics in one place.  That was fun!  I found some forgotten treasures.

Putting combinations of beautiful fabrics together is my favorite part of the quilting process.  Some of the fabrics on the table go back a few years, but they are not out of date by any means.

Timeless fabrics blend together beautifully.  That is the beauty of working with fabrics from the same company, and in many cases the same designer.

I love touching the has a good "hand", the feel of quality fabric. 

Mixing the old with the new is just plain fun! 

I begin with a beautiful center.

The beautiful center leads me to the next fabric choice, and then the next.  I get to put nine different fabrics together for each block.  The combinations are endless!

The blocks are 9" now and they will finish at 8-1/2" when sewn together.

I'll be playing around with the setting for the blocks. As I get more made, they will "talk" to me and tell me where and how they want to "be" in the end.
We are finally getting some decent amounts of rain in California.  I've been hanging out in my sewing room listening to the rain pounding on the roof.  It is wonderful.  We finally put the bucket away that we kept in the kitchen sink to collect extra water for the yard. 
On that note, may your "bucket" list of quilts always be full.


  1. The saw tooth star block is a favorite of mine. Your very scrappy versions are oh so nice.

  2. I love this! Putting fabric combinations together is my favorite part of quilting, too.

  3. Sometimes a break away from the machine is just what you need for that Ah Ha moment, Lynn! And what an Ah, Ha it is. I love the fussy cut centers! I so agree what you saw about the feel of a good fabric and I've only recently discovered how true it is about working with fabrics form one designer or company - the possibilities are even more endless! I hope you get some good soaking rain in your neck of the woods!

  4. Those are some beautiful stars.....they are going to make a gorgeous quilt.....

  5. Those look great Lynn! And you did them in one day? You are a quick seamstress! And we are getting BUCKETS of rain up here: Paul said that up in Geyserville whole fields are flooded! But it will all soak in and fill the reservoirs, so that is good. Stay warm and dry!! Hugs, Helen

  6. Hello Lynn, these star blocks are just beautiful! I just love all the colour combinations, I would love to know if you have instructions for this as I would love to have a go at this myself. Speaking of rain we have just had a little of much needed rain on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia, we need so much more, very dry and hot here at the moment, definitely bush fire season. Regards Debbie

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  8. Messed up, so here is comment take 2!
    Your blocks are beautiful! I am going to pull out some of my repro fabrics and make some of these blocks. You have such a talent for creating interesting and gorgeous blocks, thanks for inspiring me.

  9. I have a 'Marcus' love too, but not as extensive a pile as you. Love the star blocks.

  10. Great star blocks and I too am a fan of Marcus fabrics. Looking forward to seeing these gorgeous blocks together in a quilt.

  11. I love Marcus fabric and these are just beautiful blocks !

    Alot of rain today :-D

  12. Love all of those fussy cut centers. It is going to be a great quilt!

  13. Beautiful blocks.. Can't wait to see how you put them together. Enjoy your rain.