Saturday, December 13, 2014

Sew'n Wild Oaks Class is in Session

Hello Everyone,
I'm only a few days late posting the pictures of "my girls".  I've had a lot to talk about this week. At this rate, I'll be at post 2,000 pretty soon!
Let's start the party rolling by showing you my sister's Country Charmer.  WOW, WOW, and double WOW!  Gail did an excellent job selecting her colors for each and every block.  She loves the fabric selection process, and you can tell.  She will be have fun decorating her home with this quilt Christmas after Christmas.

Paula was sewing little doorknobs on her quilt that was designed by Bunny Hill.  Aren't these little cottages adorable!

Patty started working on some ornaments.

She's not sure what she's going to do with them yet, but no matter what, they sure are "vintage" cute!

Isabelle is having a barn raising for her Harvest of Hope.  Her roof is spectacular in the colors she selected.  For those of you who have been wondering, the pumpkin label is included in each pattern.  Isabelle put a nice little green check sashing around her pumpkin label.

Gail is also completing her rows for Winterset.  You'll be seeing this one as a flimsy soon.

Irene is making these little organizers. So nice, and sew precise. 

I love the plaid on the inside.

Now speaking of is Paula's nicely organized tote.  The plastic containers used to hold Crystal Light.  They have now been re-purposed to hold quilting supplies.  This is a fabulous idea thanks to Evelynne for sharing this with us.  All of us have these little containers to help us keep organized.

There were more ladies in the room, and I shared their gorgeous blocks a couple of days ago in my Country Corners block #7 post.
Somehow I'm going to have my drawing for my contest this afternoon.  Thank you all who entered.  There were still so many that didn't leave an email address and are "no-reply" status, so I couldn't put your name in the hat.  Mazey is in charge of the drawing. We'll see how she does in her new role as a canine random number generator.  She is pretty random most of the time!


  1. Hello Lynn, you guys are very busy, aren't you? Making so nice things. I like the organizers Irene is making. Any clue, where I can get the pattern for them? Pleeeeeease ask her for me. Thank you :o) Doris

  2. Always love to see what the 'gals' are up to and they never disappoint. I too would love to know the pattern for the organizer.

  3. Gail's quilt is just gorgeous. Has she persuaded/conned/bullied you into quilting it for her?

  4. Thank you, Sue! She has offered all on her own but I feel too guilty having her do it because I know how busy she is!

  5. Fabulous projects! Gail's CC is exquisite...I can see how special it will become over the years...gorgeous!

  6. Gail and the gals have outdone themselves again! I love the precision and thought that go into everyones projects! A great group of gals you all are!

  7. Great projects by the Gals. Great ideas. Your sisters quilt is gorgeous.

  8. Thanks to all of you who really liked my Country Charmer quilt top! Your nice comments are much appreciated!

  9. Gail's Christmas quilt is beautiful! I love the little cottage quilt and the ornaments and the organizer and everything your girls have been creating! I almost left out Isabelle's barn, love that roof!

  10. Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful projects - so inspiring! Gail has been a busy girl. I think she's earned a dozen cookies by now!

    1. I think so, too! I'll be sure I collect over the holidays!

  11. I just love the houses....just so much in this post....thank you for sharing it all!!