Monday, February 16, 2015

My Appearance on The Quilt

Hello Everyone,
A warm welcome to those of you coming to my blog for the first time from The Quilt Sit down, pour yourself a cup of coffee, or your beverage of choice and stay awhile.  There is so much to look at under the oaks at Sew'n Wild Oaks.  It is nice and calm here, no drama, only beauty and creativity by me, and the wonderful ladies who attend my classes.  Please make a comment.  I love comments and read each and every one.....multiple times.  I will also respond to everyone who leaves a comment as long as I have your email address.
To those of you who have been following me, and encouraging me for a long time, an extra special welcome to you.  It is because of YOU, my faithful blog readers, that I am where I am today in the grand scheme of the quilting world. You are my fan club, my supporters, my wings, and I'm flying pretty high right now after my first appearance on The Quilt 
I also want to thank Alex Anderson, Ricky Tims, and the entire staff of  The Quilt for inviting me to be part of your show.  Once the initial terror of being in front of the cameras subsided, you made me feel very comfortable and welcomed.   I loved how you presented my show!  You both asked all the right questions and made it appear seamless......1/4" seamless!
For most of you, this is a recap of what is on my design wall, my long arm and what's coming down the pike from Sew'n Wild Oaks.  For those of you who are new to my blog, this re-cap will give you an idea of my style of quilting.
I have most of the blocks made for Lil' Orphan Scrappy, a quilt using only Marcus Marcus medley.  This quilt sings to me.  I love it and I never get tired of making the blocks.  While I'm designing and making a quilt, I'm always planning the machine quilting.  I have this one figured out and I can't wait to finish it.

I've been bitten by the Lucy Boston block or as my co-worker Lisa says, the Lizzy Borden blocks.  I'm afraid I can't get Lizzy Borden out of my head.....but you can't fussy cut with an ax!  The LB blocks or Patchwork of the Crosses are my night job.  I have my Lizzy bin next to my chair, and this is what I work on at night while watching my favorite shows.  You'd better be sitting down for this next sentence.  It takes me about 12 hours per block to make one of these beauties using the English Paper Piecing method.  That calculation is from fabric selection to the finished block.  Now some of you may be saying, "Is she nuts???"  Well, maybe, but I feel that I making good use of my time in the evening while watching American Idol.  I don't have to think, I just stitch.

I also have my Country Corners blocks on my design wall.  Country Corners utilizes my Patchwork Math book.  I give you all of the cutting directions HERE, but you will need the book to figure out how to make the components and the 9" blocks.  I know this is a shameless self promotion of my Patchwork Math Manual, but I have to supplement my retirement income somehow!

I think the Courthouse Steps blocks beautifully frames each of the blocks. 

Grammy Squares is on my long arm......not my dog Mazey!  Although given the chance, if she had thumbs, she would try to help me quilt.  I LOVE THIS QUILT!! Love the dog too, but I really love the quilt.  This will be a new pattern ready for release in March.


I teach two Tuesdays a month at In Between Stitches in Livermore, CA and my girls are testing out my newest pattern.  This is going to be the year of the Dresdens.  I'm going to be making and designing Dresdens every which way. This will be in a new quilt pattern released at the end of the year.

Wow, now that's a lot going on at Sew'n Wild Oaks....but wait, there's more!  Filming for more segments on The Quilt Show start in July.  I'll be making mini-segments for Patchwork Math which will begin airing in the Fall in the Classroom Section of TQS.
Well all of this has made my head spin.  I knew I was busy, but not THAT busy!  It's all good, it's all fun, and it all makes me feel so blessed to be a quilter. 
Pour a second cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy the show!



  1. I came, I watched and YOU CONQUERED!!!!!
    Great show, Lynn, and a great start to a new week!!

  2. I echo Paula's comments! You did a wonderful job, Lynn!!! What a great way to start the day with your video! Your quilting career has just gone to a whole new level! A lot of great comments at the end of the show! You are going to gain a whole new audience of devoted followers!

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  4. My name is Dee Dalton I watched the Quilt Show this morning. Working with grids all the time I was blown away withe break down of units!! Awesome!! I can't wait to try your idea!!! My email address is deedalton@!!! I am ordering your book!!

  5. Fabulous show, Lynn. You are such a natural teacher! Loved seeing how your background of mapping has influenced your quilting designs. I was so flattered when you mentioned me on the show! What fun we all had with the Country Charmer quiltalong! Congratulations!

  6. You were so well prepared & kept everything on track. Getting a visual of how you map everything out is so makes me consider going back and doing Country Charmer blocks a third time! (LIke that wasn't already on my mind!) I love that Ricky referred to your style as Chicken Soup For The Quilters Soul. Any day that I get to see you & hear your voice is always good for my soul!

  7. A star is born! Just finished watching your segments - you're a natural, Lynn! I'm so glad a wider audience can now see your brilliant work - you deserve it! I wonder what Ricky and Alex meant when they asked if you could travel anywhere?! Congratulations on a terrific performance!

  8. I highly recommend the Patchwork Math book! It has helped me often, especially figuring out those dang setting triangles so they're the right size without wasting fabric, and more importantly that the grain runs the right way!

    I'm in love with your "lil' orphan scrappy" !

  9. Watched you today on the Quilt Show and I'm going to have to watch it again to get all the great tips you showed. Loved how organized you are and the map board in fabulous. The quilts you have made are beautiful and I can't wait to get your book. Thanks and good luck in all you do.

  10. Great show! So many helpful hints. I did get some of the Loc Bloc tools. Love your patterns!

  11. Just watched the show, and you did a FANTASTIC job!!! I totally enjoyed the whole thing: I just kept thinking: "the watchers need to take her class!" So it sounds like Alex actually took your class? I know that she was very interested in it at quilting in the Garden a year and a half ago when I took her class: she ducked out of our class for a little bit to go see your class. I hope this brings you much success!! You're already a success in my book though!! Can't wait to hear of the new things this will bring your way!! Congrats my friend!!! Hugs, H in Healdsburg

  12. You were fandabbidozy. Well done, you came across as a great person as well as a great teacher and designer, all of which I already knew of course.

  13. I can't wait until I have time to start my Lil Orphan Scrappy and Country Charmer. I have a few UFO's to knock off the list and then they are up to bat. I am sure you did a great job on The Quilt Show. I don't have a membership otherwise I would have watched.

  14. Woo hoo! Great show, Lynn! Congratulations.

  15. Hi! I just finished watching your show and thoroughly enjoyed it! I quickly looked up your blog snd added it to my Feedly. I adore your style, it's what I've been looking for. loved the bit about Paradise. I would visit my aunt there in summers in the 80's. I don't know if she was joking or not, but she used to say the older folks could drive without a license on wednesday's... Looking forward to reading your blog.

  16. Finally sat down this morning and watch you on TQS. You were WONDERFUL!!! Am really enjoying this blog ... I too have been wanting to make a Lucy Boston quilt. I've got my paper pieces, my templates, and I've even bought some fabrics with Lucy in mind. That's as far as I've gotten! Need to get cutting & piecing!!!!

  17. HaHa! I just came across this post today and am laughing about the Lizzie Borden blocks. I'm about 30 blocks in after a year! It's something that I pick up, make about five blocks, and put it down for a while. And I totally agree about the twelve hours part.

  18. HaHa! I just came across this post today and am laughing about the Lizzie Borden blocks. I'm about 30 blocks in after a year! It's something that I pick up, make about five blocks, and put it down for a while. And I totally agree about the twelve hours part.