Sunday, February 1, 2015

....and then there were three

Hello Everyone,
This is my nighttime job, working on Lucy Boston's blocks.  Slowly but surely three blocks are finished.  Sunday seems to be an appropriate day to post the Patchwork of the Crosses blocks.
It is so much fun selecting the fabrics for the blocks.

Each one is like a miniature quilt full of interest by combining many colors, different patterns, and fussy cutting.

I look forward to working on these blocks every evening.  I keep a plastic "Lucy" tote right next to the couch which contains all of my envelopes with cut, elongated hexagons waiting to be stitched together.

I can't decide which block to work on next.  Now that's a good problem to have.



  1. Beautiful blocks, and the fabrics are all so wonderful.

  2. Absolutely beautiful, Lynn! I love the fabrics, and how you fussy cut the pieces. If i had it in me to make one of these, i'm afraid i'd have to turn it into its own little quilt - lol!

  3. I especially like the effect you get from fussy cutting - looks fantastic! I am thinking of starting an EPP project but feel a bit intimidated by thought of how long term it will be.

  4. Just Stunning quilt blocks ! Such a work of art :-D

  5. You know I didn't even realize these were elongated hexagons until you mentioned it, Lynn! You've got my brain working again ;>)

  6. I keep being tempted by this just curious, how you go about it and what you use for templates.